Abduction to Gor (part 2)


Erin: ooh!
Erin: good idea
Afraa: but then what do we eat from?
Nephtides : *rolls eyes* maybe if you make plans secretly even?
Roxe: “Hmmm,,, but then we’re naked and barefoot around broken shards and no way to be rid of them.”
Nephtides : *opens the door and pulls mouthy outside*
Erin stares at the bowls and at her feet “damn it.”
Nephtides : *closes it again after her*
Jomas: ghaaaarggh brute
Nephtides : *pulls her to the rack stand*
Nephtides : *fastens first one wrist, then lifts her on, against any struggling*
Jilliannee: bahhahahaha
Seren: **turns to grip the bars, worried about Jomas, as he pulls her out**
Afraa: nooo let her gooo
Erin: let her gooooooo
Jomas: yaaaykes what you want from me you specie of Neanderthal
Nephtides : *fastens mouthy’s second wrist
Jomas riles the teeth ” you will not break me so easily
Erin: oh my god, he’s actually got her tied up on that stand like he’s gonna whip her
Kitty looks at the girls around her as she comes to, seeing the dark haired girl tied to a cross outside the gates she moves closer to see what is going on.
Afraa: what is he doing to Jomas?? (peers through the vars))
Nephtides : *leaves Jomas on the rack, and fixes something stupid a moment
Seren: **screams** What are you doing? Are you crucifying her???
Jomas struggles in vain trying to free herself and watching him with rage on the eyes
Miranda: Shakes head
Jilliannee: guess she volunteered to be the kennel person
Kitty looks at the other girls “kennel person?”
Afraa: they took her–she was the bravest of all of us
Erin hides in the outhouse
Nephtides : so, sluts. We’ll start equaling your bill *smiles*
Jomas curses the captors and particularly Neph on different earthling languages most on her own Portuguese language
Afraa: they said they would whip one of us if any of us disobeyed
Afraa: I volunteered and a couple of cowards in here seconded that
Afraa: but these liars chose Jomas
Kitty blanches under her lightly tanned skin. “He seems to like that kind of threat that is how I got raped.”
Nephtides : *points* mouthy here earned a new name by being mouthy, so we’ll begin with her. You will recall the times when I added up lashes, right?
Nephtides : I trust that you will take this more earnest, in a short while. *smiles*
Roxe watches with wide eyes
Miranda: looks to the girl on the cross
Afraa: cringes as she senses what will happen
Nephtides : *reaches straight between mouthy’s legs, and wets his hand on her*
Jomas: keep dreaming have already be tortured on south America from the Paramilitary fascist brigades and don’t have been broken
Kitty peers through the bars “I don’t want to look but I can’t help it”
Nephtides : *wipes it across her face and lips* Taste the slut you are… and now hold fast
Seren: Stop! This is inhuman! You can’t torture people this way! *she slammed her fists against the bars**
Jomas: gnnngghhh savage
Afraa: leave her alone
Miranda: DONT expect me to treat those
Kitty: Let her go, she doesn’t deserve this
Jomas yellps
Nephtides : *whips past mouthy’s legs first*
Seren: **as the whip strikes and cracks, she flinches, watching the girl with trepidation**
Jomas: auuhaaa ” she yells not saying in to stop not wanting to show feeblest to him
Nephtides : *starts whipping the earth girl, lashing her hard enough to make the lashes swell, but not burst*
Erin stands away from the bars, not watching
Jomas: grnnngggg devil
Kitty cringes and tries to hide as each last of the whip falls on the girls pale skin.
Jomas moans in pain
Roxe: “He’s a monster!”
Nephtides : *raises the pain level by applying the

Afraa: closes her eyes and rests her forehead on the bars
Nephtides : That’s ten!
Nephtides : Feeling good still? *grins*
[Erin looks at the bowls again, wondering if she might break off a sharp enough piece to cut herself
Jomas: hnnggggg nhgggg ” moans more high still not begging to have the torture stopped
Afraa: you’ve proved your point–stop whipping her!
Jomas: noooo you devil but you will not break me
Nephtides : *nods, and gives her five lashes that would make a mans legs buckle under him, on the most painful spots*
Kitty: leave her alone you sadistic bastard
Jomas: anggghhhh deeeviiil
Seren: Stop it! Stop stop stop!! You’ll kill her!
Kitty bites her lips as tears fall from her eyes “I’m sorry Jomas”
Jomas begins to feel dizzy
Nephtides : *beats her hard, and mercilessly*
Miranda: Girls I suggest you be quiet
Nephtides : *then turns to the kennel*
Jomas moans now on a feeble way
Seren: **she bites her fist, forcing herself to be silent, tears rolling down her cheeks**
Kitty growls at him as he comes nearer
Nephtides : *calmly* You best understand that none of our threats are ever hollow
Afraa: stunned looks at the bastard who carved up her friend
Jomas lowers the head feeling almost fainting
illiannee: wishes she had her camera to film all this
Nephtides : the punishment of slaves.. some of you know about it. None of that was a lie. *smiles*
[Nephtides : so, from now on it is “Master” to all free men, and “Mistress” to free women. No insults. No talking back.
Kitty grabs to the bars feeling faint remembering the information dumped in her head along with the language.
Nephtides : kneel, all of you.
[Erin sits on the fur, silently now kneeling
Miranda: Moves to see if they obey
Roxe gasps, “Monster.” So quiet it could be mistaken for the word master.
Nephtides : *gives her a sharp look* that is YES master.
Kalil: >checks on Jomas with a quick glance<
Nephtides : ((since I was asked: wear own collars, if you have working ones. we can hand out own ones next time.))
Roxe kneels, if only to spare Jomas more beatings.
Jomas mumbles on a feeble way half conscience now
Nephtides : Now.. what a nice sight. Girls who understand what they ended up in. *smiles*
Erin stares at the fur she’s knelt on
Miranda: eyes kitty
Nephtides : Kneel, all of you. and be quiet. I’ll bring your friend back
Jomas finally faints
Nephtides : *nods, and loosens the cuffs, lifting her up and carrying her over to the kennel again*
Jomas: you welcome hehe only very fidel to my role 🙂
Afraa: stands to hug Jomas
Seren: Jomas! Speak to me! **puts arms around her, supporting her
Afraa: can we have some salve?
Afraa: Master?
Erin looks up at the man as they all gather around Jomas
Kitty moves closer to the girl but leaving room for Serne as she has the medical training
Nephtides : *smiles* yes. But we’ll do two more whippings first.
Jomas fainted slimes on the harms of her falling on the ground
Nephtides : who volunteers?
Afraa: turns around in fear
Erin chews her lip
Afraa: I’ll do it
Kitty: no take me
Roxe puts her hands up, trying to pull Afraa back down
Jilliannee says nothing as there seems to be no lack of volunteers
[Miranda: I would volunteer or I may be asked to choose
Afraa: you proved your point Master
Afraa: no need to whip any more of us
Nephtides : *nods at Afraa* Your turn then.
Kitty: I’m the reason she got extra lashes
Afraa: kneels obediently
Nephtides : Come, Afraa.
Afraa: stands unsteadily
Kalil: >tenses up, suspecting foul play<
Afraa: turns white with fear
Nephtides : *takes the girl by the arm and leads her over*
Afraa: notices the various exits
Nephtides : *lifts her up the rack, securing the cuffs*
Afraa: tries to brace herself as she hears the swish of the whip
Nephtides : *binds her, face to wall, and steps back* You have a fine ass.. I will try not to ruin it *smiles*
Afraa: starts to shake worrying she will not be half as brave as Jomas
Nephtides : *to the kennel* watch well.. and keep this in mind when speaking to a free
Kitty: leave her alone
Miranda: Kitty silent
Erin takes a scrap off the fur and dips it in the water, soaking it, and begins toweling down the back of Jomas legs and butt with it
Kitty gives the woman an evil look
Nephtides : *takes measure, and whips the girl harder than mouthy.
Afraa: prays for strength
Afraa: yahaaaaaaaa
Afraa: owwww
Miranda: You will be next if you keep it up
Afraa: screams so loud her mouth feels like it will explode
Roxe: “Oh my God, no!”
Nephtides : *gives her five hard lashes, the skin bursting in small places*
Afraa: owwwww
Afraa: starts to shudder and weep as the pain explodes on her back and bottom
Kitty growls at the woman even as she bites her lip seeing him whip Afraa harder then he did Jomas.
Nephtides : *then reaches between her legs, and feels her heat, wettening his hand a bit, wiping it on her neck and cheeks*
Miranda: YOUR now next you don’t growl at the free
Afraa: spreading all over as she writhes within the restraints
Nephtides : *grins* next 5.
Afraa: feels him smearing aooooooowwwwwww
Afraa: no stooop pleaseeeeeeee
Erin looks at kitty and shakes her head then starts toweling off Jomas again with the wetted fur piece
Nephtides : *drives the breath out of the girl, making his lashes painful*
Kitty hears the girl beg and tears run down her face seeing him break her “be strong Afraa”
Afraa: hangs forward unable to stand on her own legs
Nephtides : *slaps her ass with a hand, deftly* stand, beast.
Nephtides : 5 more.
Afraa: all that exists for her is pain and fear
[Afraa: owwwww NOOOO stop
Afraa: stop
Afraa: stop
Nephtides : *pulls her hair back* That is Stop please, master!
Afraa: stop stop please stop please Master
Nephtides : *nods, and kneads her tits from behind* see? it is easy
Jomas remains unconscious but not in danger the heart beating slowly but regularly
Afraa: owwww sags has no more reaction
Afraa: just a piece of beaten flesh
Nephtides : *opening the cuffs, Neph lets the girl stumble holding her up by her upper arm*
Kalil: >watches the girl collapse with raised eyebrows<
Nephtides : Back to the kennel with you
Nephtides : *drags her over to the kennel*
Jilliannee: “/me thinks Afraa would like to go again
Erin keeps dabbing Jomas welts with the wetted fur piece
Nephtides : *leans against the doorframe, after shoving Afraa back inside* One more.
Kitty sniffs as more tears run down her cheeks seeing the proud girl begging him “you did good Afraa” waiting for him to open the door so they can take the girl and care for her. Eyes looking up at him shooting daggers
Roxe: “You brute, to treat women this way!”
Afraa: turns and stumbles toward the kennel
Afraa: every step painful
Afraa: ahhhhh
Afraa: falls against the bars
Nephtides : step back, and kneel all
Jomas begins to recover due the care provided by the girl talking incoherently on her own Portuguese language to feeble yet to can even sit
Erin scoots over and starts dabbing the welts on Afraa as well
Afraa: owwww
Afraa: stumbles in but in some part of her mind realizes she had better kneel
Nephtides : now.. Kitty will be punished differently.. don’t want her to lose what she bears *grins*
Erin dabs left and dabs ahead, and dabs left and dabs ahead, dabbing Jomas welts, then Afraa’s too
Kitty helps the girl to the ground as she begins to fall.
Afraa: thanks Erin
Nephtides : who is next? ONE more whipping.
Kitty looks up at him sharply “Don’t treat me any differently then them.”
Afraa: cries softly in pain
Nephtides : I treat you as I will *coldly*
Roxe tries to figure out what he means by what she bears
Nephtides : which of you pays her due next?
Kitty hand going to her belly thinking of the baby he planted in her when he raped her first night on the ship.
Erin dabs at Jomas and Afraa’s welts faster as if to show how busy and how good she was
Roxe: “You’re a monster, not a man. Scum filthier than the contents of that toilet!”
Kitty moves to the gate “please take me, don’t hurt them.” hand reaching out through the gate as she cries “Please …Master….” the word choked out of her
Nephtides : *hard eyes* You are not exactly FAST, thinking, hum?
Afraa: hears Roxe’s angry outburst and worries for her
Jomas on a still half unconscious way listens the girl called Afraa moaning in pain
Nephtides : *points at Roxe* well, come here.
Erin continues dabbing welts, refusing to look at the door
Kitty tries to grab the girl and hold her in the kennels so he can’t have her.
Afraa: groans in pain as the salve is applied
Roxe: “You disgust me.”
Nephtides : *nods* 25 now. Come to the door
Afraa: n n no Master noooo
Nephtides : *cold look* good. come.
Kitty forgets to be insulted to say the word “Master no, leave her be” grabs for the girl once more.
Nephtides : *leads her over like the others*
Miranda: shakes her head “Neph I am needed will you send me a message if I am needed again”
Afraa: through the red haze of pain sees her friend dragged toward that vicious cross
Roxe: “You realize of course this just proves I’m right?”
Nephtides : *drags the girl, and cuffs her in place*
Nephtides : *smiles* pretty tits. I wonder if they are sensitive.
Nephtides : you will count every lash, Roxe.
Roxe glowers at him, clenching her jaw
Nephtides : *lashes her belly, inner thighs and tits with the first two strokes*
Jomas finally sits still feeling dizzy
Nephtides : *waits for the girl to get enough breath to obey*
Roxe grabs the ropes that hold her to the cross tightly, not wanting to give this bully the satisfaction
Roxe: “1 and 2, you monster.”
Nephtides : *nods* that’s 28 more. You play with your life.
Nephtides : *methodically destroys her defense, hitting hard and with uncanny skill, the whip finding the most hurtful spot every time*
Roxe yelps and whimpers
Jomas growls down remaining in silence due the previous threat of Neph
Nephtides : *listens as she counts them out between sounds of pain*
Roxe screams out the count, but does not call him master
Jomas: what that brute have do to you ” she says to Afraa on a tone of voice impossible to be listened by Neph”
Nephtides : *keeps whipping the beast stoically, keeping his lashes as hard as he started*
Afraa: whipped me so hard Jomas
Nephtides : *pauses after 12*
Kitty listens as he painfully beats the girl in the other room. Hand once more moving to her belly and cursing fate.
Roxe: “Dozen.”
Jomas nods watching the men with a expression of hate
Kitty whispers “how is this supposed to endear us to them?”
Nephtides : *tilts his head, and looks into the girls tormented eyes, smiling* Ready for another dozen? I want you to count them out, remember.
Roxe screams out the numbers, sputtering and stuttering.
Nephtides : *gives her a hellishly painful lashing, making sure not to hit her face or eyes, and managing not to destroy her nipples though he gives her welts across both breasts*
Nephtides : 24, aye… now, that’s 6 more.
Jomas: /he is totally wrong with me torture never will break me all people can be broken but with brutality I serious doubt someone can ” she says on a whisper ” still not wanting to make Neph beat harder on the current victim
Nephtides : *to Roxe* can you hear and understand me still?
Roxe’s head lolls around, her arms burning from supporting her weight almost as much as the lash marks
Nephtides : *slaps her face with his left* answer.
Roxe: “I hear you, but none of this makes any sense.”
Jomas riles her teeth
Nephtides : *smiling* oh but sure it does. You learn NOT to insult your betters.
Nephtides : Now, to deepen the lesson some… you will count out these last 6 lashes and thank master for each of them.
Nephtides : Fail to do so, and another of you gets 25.
Nephtides : ready?
Roxe: “Thank you for this? Are you quite insane?”
Nephtides : *reaches between her legs, feeling the cunt and wettening his hand on her, to rub it over her face* yes sure. because else, another girl will take what you took, just harder.
Nephtides : now, you understood me. Lets see how clever you can be.
Kitty cringes in fear looking around a the other girls knowing he has already said he will not beat her.
Nephtides : *takes aim, and rains the first two on the beast*
Roxe smells what he smeared on her face. Coppery. Her face must now be streaked with blood, for there’s no way she would be wet any other way.
Jomas don’t wanting to kneel simulates on very convincing way a bigger state of feebleness
Afraa: Roxe just count for him–it’s almost over
Roxe: “25.” She adds the next in her most sarcastic tone. “Thank you.”
Nephtides : *smiles, and hits her harder and meaner the next two times*
Jomas smiles enjoying how the girl endures her ordeal
Kitty: you have to say thank you Master Roxe or it will continue to get worse.
Roxe: “26, thank you.” Still clearly insincere.
Afraa: admires Roxe’s bravery
Roxe: “27, thank you.”
Jomas: the bastard the horrible bastard ” she mumbles on a imperceptible way ”
Nephtides : *loses the smile, and a feral and angry look appears.. he hates it when they still don’t understand how much danger they live under now, but he is here to teach them, so he aims for her nipples this time, and hits her again, intentionally raising the pain level severely*
Afraa: cringes as she sees him hit her nipples
Erin looked at the bowls again, becoming more sure she’d rather die than endure anything like that
Roxe The “29 thanks,” rips out of her throat like ragged chunks.
Jomas shivers only the idea of her words can be responsible for a even more severe punishing of the girls stopping her to curse the men
Nephtides : *grabs her chin, and lifts her head, staring in her eyes* I will hear a thank you master after this one.. or we start again.
Kitty shakes her head wondering where the spoiled rich girl learned such fortitude and strength. Silent tears weep for the girl as she endures the beating
Afraa: is proud of her sisters Roxe and Jomas, and for the kindnesses of Erin and Kitty
Roxe: “30. Thank you, Master.” She neglects to say that he is master of being scum.
[Afraa: Seren will have much to do soon
Roxe hangs from the ropes, her jaw hanging open slack
Afraa: why not???
Erin: Abda said
Erin: told me to stop.
Nephtides : *nods, face earnest and devoid of any aggression* Hell.. you’ll need the salve for real.
Jomas makes a loud sound of relief as she says the word Master crossing the fingers hoping he stops now
Nephtides : *+lifts her off the rack, and carries her gently to the kennel again*
Afraa: shakes her head at all this needless pain
Afraa: and takes careful note of Abda
Jomas nods someway understanding the thoughts of Afraa
Seren: **her blue gaze was searing with rage as he carried the severely beaten girl into the cell, but she nothing, merely checking the girls breathing and level of consciousness*
Nephtides : Kalil?
Kalil: yes my master?
Nephtides : the healing salve.. the one from the nest. *winks*
Kalil: yes my master, I have already fetched it
Nephtides : *nods and takes the small golden pot*
Afraa: kneeling awkwardly as the pain in her bottom causes her much discomfort
Kitty watches as he brings the girl back to the kennel, her body beaten and broken. “Was this really necessary?” her words said quietly not wanting to rile him further.
Afraa: looks around at the other kneeling girls and falls into a deep depression
Nephtides : *holds it out* one of you.. spread this THINLY on the wounds. Never mind to touch open flesh. It is one of the things our world has which yours doesn’t.
Seren: What is that supposed to do for her? Her skin is flayed!
Nephtides : *nods encouragingly*
Kitty eyes the golden pot of salve “can all the girls have it?”
Seren: **takes the salve, dipping her fingertips into it and lightly smoothing it over Roxe’s skin**
Nephtides : *nods*
Roxe groans
Nephtides : ((You watch in complete disbelief as the wound immediately starts to close.. within a minute, no blood flows anymore))
Afraa: looks with suspicion but the salve does not seem to cause pain
Seren: **she blinked, sitting back on her heels in awe. The open skin began knitting together, instantly, leaving an unmarked area**
Kitty watches as Seren applies the salve and the skin heals almost instantly. Turns her head back to the gate. “What kind of magic is his?”
Afraa: jaw drops open
Kitty: *this
Seren: **working quickly but gently, she strokes the salve onto each angry red, oozing lash, and breathes in relief to see the amazing improvement**
Nephtides: *crosses his arms* I am not a monster at all. What I do, I do so you’ll live. Insult a free once you are out of this room, and most will simply kill you, if they feel like it.
Seren: Afraa, come here, get some of this!
Nephtides : and hell.. they feel like it every third day
Afraa: crawls over to Seren with some hope in her heart
Kitty: Are the people on your planet truly that cruel?
Nephtides : we are not cruel. we just aren’t weak.
Nephtides : Remember the werewolf-Thing I showed you?
Roxe curls into a fetal pose on the fur
Kitty tips her head to the side, nods her head
Nephtides : the Kur?
[Afraa: feels Seren’s experienced hands applying the slave and is amazed to feel almost immediate relief
Seren: **she quickly but gently smears the ointment on, making sure to miss no part of the angry welts** Okay, Jomas, you are next
Afraa: thank you Seren
Nephtides : *with holy earnest* THIS is what sets the record for cruelty. They want to, and I repeat this so even the greatest dullard among you will understand me *translates for mouthy as well* – They want to EAT humans. Some like their food alive.
Nephtides : and I mean not like a hunting animal would. I mean industrially. the way YOU eat pigs and cows.
Afraa: stomach churns in fear seeing things COULD get worse
Seren: Who else has wounds? **she gently applied the salve to Jomas’ skin, still amazed to see beautiful, unmarred skin replace the broken, bruised lash wounds**
Kitty gasps at his words “so you beat us so we don’t become another alien’s food source?”
Erin stares at the bowls from the corner of her eye
Nephtides : they are several ten thousand at least, I fear they are several hundred thousand even.
Jomas grumbles shivering at the idea but not feeling fear of the threat
Nephtides : Not exactly. I beat you so you will survive here.
Nephtides : You will obey orders. You will learn to please your owners. You will know how to address free men and women.
Jomas whispers mumbling to herself ” keep dreaming ”
[Nephtides : and in the long run.. we will beat the Kurii. Not because I beat you.. but maybe because you learned MORE after that.
Kitty: So if we behave and learn that will help you beat your enemy?
Nephtides : *nods* If you do well, you may one day do what I do. Or even do it Better *smiles*
Kitty: kidnap unsuspecting girls and bring them here? or beat them within an inch of their lives?
Roxe: “be so terribly cruel…”
Nephtides : we save humans from earth. That is how we see it. And the qualities the priest-kings seek may be nebulous and not for Us to fully understand… but it is important that this is done. I only know this: The priest-kings are humanity’s and Gor’s ONLY allies, and the only thing that keeps the Kurrii at bay
Nephtides : *smirks* I have endured worse than all of you together. Unless any of you died yet.
Kitty looks up at him curiously “your dead?”
Kalil: >nods<
Jomas shaker head telling in Portuguese to not be understood and so being responsible for the torture of one other girl ” yea yea can be a bratt but not a sadist as yourself ”
Jomas: shakes her head*
Nephtides : Hm…well, essentially you are right.. it is not all about violence or pain. quite the contrary.
Nephtides : But you won’t reach the good parts if you make silly mistakes here.
Kitty smirks at him “and what are the good parts?”
Jomas nods towards Kitty
Nephtides : *smiles* you will not believe me anyway. The only way I know to make you drop that earth woman attitude expecting the stronger to hold themselves back, expecting to have a right to insult men or women who hold your life in their hands, is this. You are fools, after living on earth.
Nephtides : Gor is harsh, and brutal. It does not TALK much, but ACT. And free is free and slave is slave here
Kitty: I was free on earth, what gave you or your Priest Kings the right to make me a slave?
Nephtides : being slave means love and devotion.. and in these two, something awaits you. Yah I know. But I don’t need to whip THAT into you, as one cannot.
Nephtides : *grins* we were stronger. You will catch up with that logic.
Roxe says in a weak little whisper, “Only the weak need to hurt others to show how strong they are.”
Nephtides : Each of you will live, is my promise, if you only learn this essential truth: You are slaves now. and no, Roxe. Only the strong CAN hurt the other.
Jomas: anyway you never will break me whipping my body Master ” she tells the word Master on a way who even not unrespect full are not submissive showing well she only have said the word for convenience and not due to having been broken”
Roxe: “Physical strength is not the same as moral strength. True strength.”
Nephtides : *shrugs* some man will break you, if you are too daft to bend.
Nephtides : Hmmm.. so it’s physical strength to master spaceflight? Interesting *smiles*
Kitty: did you Master it or where you taught by your “allies”?
Kitty: seems you are just a slave to this Priest King people.
Nephtides : Gor may look like your middle ages, girls.. but under the cultural stasis, high technologies are used.. and yes, they come from the priest-kings, mostly. And other races too.
Erin looks at kitty and wishes she could massage her butt with her feet too
Roxe laughs bitterly
Jomas glares showing she will not believe a men can broke her with physical torture no without do real damage
Nephtides : +returns mouthy’s gaze calmly* hate me as much as you want… but you will be obeisant, or suffer far worse. I have seen girls beaten to death by verr shepherds. Raped by whole ship crews. Fed to the sleens.
Nephtides : you deserve better. If you are intelligent, use that as an intelligent mind in a slave. It may make you become a free someday.
Kitty: but can I ever go home?
Nephtides : But for now: Understand what that wall picture means. Understand that you are slave. Forget concepts like “fairness”
Nephtides : *smiles at Kitty* No, don’t expect to see earth again.
Roxe’s eyes well up
Kitty cries more for the loss of her old life then anything else he had said.

Nephtides : *nods* cry, and comfort each other. If you want food, let me know.
Jomas glares again to him not showing fear of his words even obviously as she are not crazy such destinations frighten her but not wanting to show fear the mind thinking on a way to be spared to such tings without be broken or enjoy a life as slave
Erin: I would like poison.
Roxe falls asleep, crying
Nephtides : *seats himself, and returns to his paga bowl, noting he’ll have to wash his hands and the whip*

Ala : w whip me dang are we on some place where the time have stopped we are people not beasts and even beasts aren’t treated in such way
Meena fell silent again. More of the people were waking up now, She moved to a corner and sat down, She lowered her head as the tears came. She was so scared; she had never been this scared in her life
Nephtides : *hears more and more of the captives awaken in the small kennel cell, and smiles contently*
Ala ways shivering however and having take a mental note about the previous words of the girl
Hinata: something tells me we are not on the same world.. this place hell breathe in the air.. can you not tell the air is not polluted at all.. its different.. and the gravity is lighter as well..
Yussuf : we are back, brother.
Ala : hmm yes indeed it seems different b but is insane
Nephtides : Very well, brothers. Don’t speak to the captives, and don’t let anyone inside until I am back
Hinata: yes that’s what both me and Meena have said.. ourselves..
Erin rolls onto her butt, having woke up in a cage of some sort, and sees all the other naked people “what happened? where is this place?” she looks around speaking at anyone who might acknowledge her and then having been made aware “yes it seems a bit thin. we must be in the mountains somewhere…”
Yussuf : *salutes*
Ala says still not full convinced ” yes yes must be a place on the mountains indeed myself I have arrived here few time ago
Meena: Alex glanced up at Erin but said nothing. To even say out loud what she had learned, what she had seen was too much for her. She knew she would start to cry, Her lip trembled and tears fell down her cheeks but she managed to refrain from sobbing for now.
Ala watches the girls around having more self conscience about the own nudity blushing due the nudity of the girls and the own nudity
Hinata: listen up all of you.. I do not want to believe that we are on a different world.. but the facts do not lie… I have been made to serve another woman.. hell even kneel on my knees.. and been whipped.. on top of that I have seen a beast with six legs.. with my eyes.. sighs I wish this was a nightmare but its not.. if you do not believe me.. pinch yourselves.. and your see I speak the truth
cmight tell her where they were, then turns back to the others in the room specifically to Hinata “another world? are you….you’re on drugs!” she shakes her head and turns back to the bars and grabs them shaking them as best she can
Ala: b but is pure sci-fi dear it must be a very well organized mob gang I believe they want us as slaves but another planet! ” says shivering”
Hinata: sighs ooh yes that’s right I’m on drugs.. here butt naked for the amusement of all of you.. laughs in disbelief.. I assure you I am on no drugs..
Yussuf : beats across the cage bars with a whip* stop that, slave.
Ala : ssh ssh not saying you are but is to strange that
Hinata: ahh go suck a pipe whoever you are outside the cage doors
[Meena closes her eyes. She was still praying she would wake up in her be, and that this was all a nightmare. But she knew it was not and she would not wake up.
Nephtides : *from the back of the room* I HEAR you, Hina *chuckles*
Erin jumps away from the bars then, shaking her head “slave!?” she turns back to Henata then and looks around the room “oh, this ain’t right, what the t….” she goes quiet, a puzzled look supplanting the agitation on her face “they know our names?”
Ala after the man have appeared beating on the bars gulps dry and stops talking
Hinata: they know mine already… I was the first awake here… look at my skin.. do you see the marks.. lash mark.. that I got for not doing what I was told
Mina listens quietly after standing. She can breathe better and feels more alive. She ignores the other and tries rattling and opening the door herself. She mutters, “I wonder who they are yelling at as slaves.”
Ala remains talkative still not believing on the incredible fact of being brought to be slave on another planet finally saying on a whisper ” on earth exist barbaric people dear who unhappily have also access to good technology
Nephtides: *walks closer, and opens the cage door, shoving the blonde out of his way like a child, entering, filling the door with his bulk. The man looks strong like an ocean, all work muscle, and has big very strong hands*
Erin shudders, and shrinks into the corner, watching mina go to the door as thoughts race through her mind, trying to make sense of anything that was going on
Mina flies against the wall and growls, “Hey!!”
Hinata: stay away from me
Ala shivers as the man dressed on a medieval way enters on the room giving one step to the wall
Erin hides behind Hinata
Meena: As the man enters she looks up at him, terror in her eyes. She had already tried pleading with him and it had not worked so she remained silent, but she watched his every move warily.
Nephtides : *steps inside, all smile and self-confidence, armed only with a small black rod dangling in his right hand… if you don’t count the scimitar and the whip**
Ala watches the men opening the mouth to talk but to unsure to can plead on a efficient way
Nephtides: *stands there, defiantly, and finally has seen enough* Pretty, all of you. as usual, the catch was sought out well
Erin: catch?
Mina blinks nervously. She pulls at her hair. Her bravado is lost for the moment. She tries keeping behind Neph.
Erin blurts out “wait, who are you what the hell is this?”
Hinata: growls I do not care.. you had no right taking us away.. and and doing this.. she hissed at him.. she was half tempted to punch him.. but didn’t
Ala blushes at his words nodding at the words of the girl
Nephtides: I want all of you to sit down. or kneel, whichever is more comfortable *smiles a sharkish grin*
Erin stares at the sword and whip on his belt, swallows and backs against the wall
Nephtides: *waits a few ihns, or as the earthlings will say, seconds*
Ala thinking a siting position are more comfortable decides to obey seeing the men are to authoritarian to pledge something to him
Hinata: Hinata was defiant as ever.. simply crossing and folding her arms over her chest.
[Nephtide shouts: *then barks with a booming voice used to command in battle and on ship decks “I said SIT or KNEEL!
Mina clears her throat, “I don’t understand why this is needed. May I please make a phone call? My father is rich.” Then she sits
Hinata: never
Ala seeing the whip on his hands shivers gulping dry and knowing he was do the right thing obeying to him
Nephtides : *starts with Hina*
Nuha hears the shout and know she must be in the right place, calls out “Master?” looks at the rooms again
Erin slaps Hinata on her ass “are you a psycho? sit your ass down before he whips us all”
Hinata(queenvickoria6789): gasps out in pain!! sobbing as she fell to her ass.. sitting down..
Nephtides: *sighs, like a bored man would* YOU who knew its kiss already.
Meena: Alex jumped as the man yelled and she watched in terror, her lip trembling once more
Nephtides: Now that we have established that… listen. All of You
Erin stares at him as he speaks, wondering who had them kidnapped and why
Ala gasps as he on a impactful way whips the girl listening the men a little frightened to say something
[Nephtides: *leans against the doorframe* you see others still asleep
Mina: I can make the phone call quiet.
Hinata: sighs you don’t get it do you.. she sobs.. we are not on our own world
Nephtides: You see the others still asleep? Good. when they awaken, try to get them posted enough that I don’t have to whip more of you.
Erin raises an eyebrow and turns her head slightly toward Hinata and then back at the man “posted?”
[Nephtides: *sees the big earthling stir in his chains* Ah good. Our one problem case comes by as well, that’ll save time
Erin clears her throat… “I mean, sir? um yeah. Posted?”
Nephtides: *looks at her* I mean informed enough of this situation *sweetly*
Mina frowns, “I’m not doing anything more until I get that phone call. It will solve everything.”
Ala slowly begins to think the girl can have reason but still unsure
Erin crinkles her nose, her brows nearing a little point above her eyes as she heard him reply in what she thought was probably sarcasm “um, alright. , um….any chance we can get our clothes back?”
Hellsing he groaned low as he woke up cuffed to the wall half groggy where he was a little blurry vision wise some and he jerked some his long brown hair tangled a little
Nephtides: *smiles* ohh.. of course. Yusuf.. the box with the danger symbol, with “To be burned” on it.. hand me one of their cellphones
Erin to be burned?
Nephtides: *To Erin* Not today.
Mina stands excited and starts to walk forward with her hand out.
Nephtides: *takes the phone, and throws it to the blonde who wants a phone call*
Nephtides : ((The phone shows full energy nearly, but zero net. it keeps scanning for net connection))
Erin watches as he hands her the phone “ooh, me too. me next” wiggles her fingers at the other woman
Hellsing he jerked now tugging at the wall hard as he said annoyed ” what the hell is going on here ?”
Ala don’t having a phone and beyeah I want my phone to
Nephtides: *to the famous man from earth* Psssst. It’s not your turn, slave.
Mina (yuletide) turns it on and waits for a signal. She taps it impatiently. Then looks at Neph, “I’m not getting a signal. Do you have a land line?” She mutters, “What the fuck?”
Nephtides: leans in the doorframe, hearing Yussuf snicker maliciously*
Meena: Alex closes her eyes again as she continues to tremble. The other scared voices around her only scared her more.
Nephtides: The next landline is a fraction of an astronomical unit away from here, girl *grins*
Nephtides: well hand it back. No phone calls from here, unless you develop quite new tech spontaneously
Nephtides: *holds his hand out*
Erin sighs and feels some butterflies in her tummy as she announces there was no signal, her attention having been diverted by the well endowed man, naked chained to the wall, she slumped slightly as she began to believe Hinata might not be as crazy as she sounded
Mina blinks looking confused and not getting it, “A fraction away?” She bats her eyelashes, “Please take me to it, Sweety?” She tries to touch Neph’s hand as she hands back the cellphone.
Ala decides to don’t tell noting still not convinced as many places on earth don’t have line
Yussuf: Greetings girl. what do you want?
Nuha looks to the guard and shrugs “I was summoned this direction, Master. I do not know what for exactly”
Nephtides: *lets her touch him, and hands the cellphone back out* This can be destroyed now, brother.
Yussuf: ah.. Neph?
Nephtides: Yes?
Ala : h hey that’s private property
Yussuf: There is the girl Nuha.
Nephtides: ah excellent. let her in
Mina frowns, “Yeah, just because a signal doesn’t work..” She kept touching Nephs hand, “We can go to the line a fraction away soon?”
[Nuha as the gate is opened and closed behind her, she kneels looking to the man and all the naked slaves “Uh greetings Master” she says a bit distracted by the presence of slave flesh all around
Nephtides: *smiles* Greetings, good girl. *suddenly grabs Minas wrist and wrestles her down to her knees* Sit or kneel, I said *Twisting enough to hurt a lot, but injure a little*
Mina whimpers and goes down.
Erin watches the woman in the oddly Arabic harem-y outfit come into the room and kneel as she listens to mina try to sweet talk the big man, gasping when he suddenly grabs her wrist and twists her to the ground
Nephtides: *smiles* Nuha.. girl may stand at will, and speak at will. I want a list of these girls. They speak Gorean, though some might be better than others.
Ala: haa we are on a middle east or north Africa that explains some tings
Nephtides: Names, age, and former profession on ear- in the barbarian lands will do
Ala says seeing the girl on eastern clothes
Nuha stands “Thank you Master” takes out a scroll and quill ready to notate
Nephtides: All of you will answer Nuha’s questions.
Nephtides: *grinning* we’ll start with the famous young man here
Hellsing he became more alert looking up then towards his ankles not able to move his hands as he jerked harder trying to get free and if he could of kicked at Neph he would of
Ala listening the men says ” no profession I am on a university on Lisbon my age are 21 and I am called by Ala ” says on a somewhat feminine tone of voice”
Nephtides: *indicates the only chained person in the room*
Erin whispers: “famous?” looking up as he approached the man chained to the wall
Nephtides: To Ala* good.
Hinata: I am Hinata.. am 20 yrs. old.. and an actress
Ala says /me gulps seeing he have talked to fast due the state of nerves
Nephtides: *back to the chained man* I liked you in “Fight Back”… but “Interview with a vampire 3 ” was terrible.
Nephtides: *winks at Nuha* Your captives to question.
Erin looks at Hinata and then at the man and then at the naked man and back at the clothed woman
Mina rubs her wrists and looks at the chained man in disbelief, She mutters interrupting, “I got your autograph in my book. Remember me?”
Nuha points to the girl in the corner, furthest from her “You next”
Meena: As the others began answering, Alex says in a small frightened voice. “My name is Alex, I am 18 and I am supposed to start college this fall.”
Erin coughs and clears her throat “seriously?” and then looks at the man chained to the wall “um, yeah, my name is Erin, I’m nineteen and in school for anthropological psychiatry….”
Nuha shakes head and laughs lightly “They think we care their studies?”
Erin points at the caped man “he asked for that information….”
Nuha looks down to the girl next to her “And you?”
MaraLynn sits up and looks around, and down “where are my clothes?”
MaraLynn: where are we?
Ala: myself don’t know dear
Mina answers, “Olga Schneider from Hapsburg, age 20, just student, since you don’t care what I am studying, at CAMBRIDGE though.”
[Nuha takes note of her information and looks towards the newly awoken girl “Name. Age, And profession, please”
Hellsing he shrugged ” well ya cant win them all ” he looked towards her ” I ain’t answering nothing ” turned looking as he heard they also nabbed another actor/actress as his vision was still a little blurry from the groggy wake up so looking to see if he recognized her
Nephtides: *smiles widely, stepping closer slowly, fixating the chained actor with his eyes*
MaraLynn: I am MaraLynn from war torn New York City, previously a computer analyst before the war
Nuha : Age?
MaraLynn: 25
MaraLynn: decides to sit down
MaraLynn: hey you
MaraLynn: what is this
Nephtides: *turns to the tall one* This is a situation where you are naked, a captive, unarmed, and in great danger of being whipped if you don’t sit or kneel, girl *smiles*
Hinata: looked at the chained man.. blinking wide eyed as she recognized him.. at this point keeping quiet.. though she did indeed have a huge crush on him.. ..
MaraLynn: kneel, I don’t think so *leans against the wall
Hinata: sighs just do as he says.. trust me you don’t want to be whipped..
Nephtides: *nods smiling* Trust her.
Ala watches the girl pleading her with the eyes to obey after to have see the other girl being whipped
MaraLynn looks in the direction of the voice *sits on the floor*
Nephtides: Good girl.
Hellsing he spat towards the man and spoke in lakota to him (speaking in lakota likely not to understand him ) ” you can intimidate them but you don’t me wasicu ” he looked towards neph
Nephtides: *smiles and says in Lakota* You know how men can be broken, why do you speak like a child?
MaraLynn wonders what strange language the men are speaking
Hinata: because maybe you are a wihopawin
Ala : demonio o tipo fala varis linguas ” says on Portuguese his own language”
Nephtides: *steps close enough so that the man could kick at him, but has his quartersize Tarnstaff ready*
erin stares blankly around the room at the babble of language, as she began to sink from confusion to panic or depression, of which she wasn’t sure….yet
Nephtides: *laughs darkly at Ala* Oh, I am quite worldly. Just not YOUR world
MaraLynn looks around the room, people from different places, the decor looks like a bad B movie
MaraLynn shakes her feeling like she is still dreaming
Meena: Alex starts to cry. “I want to go home! You can’t do this to us!” she whimpered in between her sobs.
Nephtides: The name of this oaf here is Stewart Clearwaterson
Ala: what do you mean not my world c’mon stop the masquerade please ” says hoping the men don’t whip him for that”
MaraLynn: my thoughts exactly, where are we, in some sort of bad B movie
Nephtides: *raises an eyebrow* you will believe me soon enough, slave.
MaraLynn: slave, I am no ones slave mister
Nephtides: *calmly* Yes you are… all of You. And also, you are about to be sold.
Erin “sold?” then slapped her hand over her mouth, not caring if it’s real or not, as long as he doesn’t whip her next
Hellsing he took a calm breath as he turned his head towards the man with dark angry brown eyes then looked to the one crying his kind heart kicked in some as he said to her” hey hey easy these people are just trying to bully us calm down don’t give into them bullies never win” he looked spitefully towards Neph
Ala opens the mouth to talk after he have used the word slave but decides to remain in silent due to his authoritarian way to talk
MaraLynn frowns “I am no ones property”
Mina looks at Nuha and says quietly, “When the biggun’ is done, he is going to take me to a phone a fraction away and then I’m going home!”
Nuha laughs lightly “Aye….but you will be” finishes the scrolls and awaits instruction
Ala nods agreeing with the words of the girl
Nephtides: *points* There is good water and fruit, and some shortbreads in the bowls here. I propose you eat and drink, and when you are called out, you will obey. You will kneel, and you will only speak when allowed to.
Erin snorts and laughs, then cries into her hands quietly as her mind begins stepping through the stages of grief, listening to them all
MaraLynn mumbles to herself “we will see about that” looks at the food before take a small piece of fruit
Nephtides: *points a thumb* There is a clean outhouse.. use it when ye need to, because neither food nor commodities will be easy to be had after you leave these rooms here
Hinata: bah no one will have me.. shrugs.. wasting your time..
Nephtides: *grins* Ah, Hina. If no one buys you, I might
Ala takes as well some portion of fruit don’t recognizing her
Yussuf: Or I, brother
Nephtides: That would be good. Yusuf has a very large cock, I heard
Yussuf: *laughs*
Hinata: growls as she covered her privates up
Nuha giggles and winks to the guard
Erin stares at the bowl and up at the caped man and back at the bowl, before snatching something that looked like an apple and squatting in the corner again
Nephtides: Nuha.. do you have all names and such?
Mina eats some of the bread and fruit quietly.
Nuha : Yes, Master I do
Meena: Alex was so scared she had no appetite and she simply glanced at the bowl, with no interest.
Erin wrinkles her nose and shakes her head at the word master
MaraLynn mumbles “why does she call him Master?”
Nephtides: very good. Then, all of you should listen up one last time
Hinata: because that is what he is too her..
Erin glances at Hinata and starts eating the apple, mumbling something that sounded like disgust as she chews
Ala listens thinking it can be the wiser decision
Nephtides: Your Buyer will take you from here, and you best obey him or her. They are not as forgiving as I am, BUT they will KNOW that none of you has any training.
Mina clears her throat, “But I am going with you a fraction away right?”
MaraLynn looks up at the man speaking “training, I’ll have you know I have several college degrees”
Meena: As the man started speaking about their buyers she shook her head in disbelief. “I want to go home!” she cried again. “I am not a slave! You can’t do this to us!” Her voice was more fearful than defiant.
Nephtides: you will kneel when Free people are present. You will address them with master when a man and with Mistress when a woman *smiles* And that is all Neph will give you for now. Talk as much as you like, and doubt what happens as much as you can… Welcome to Gor. my work is mainly done *beams into the ruins*
Hinata: ooh for Pete sake.. will you stop speaking like that.. if you have not noticed by now.. we are going nowhere.. neither is anyone coming for us.. except their people.. neither do your flaunted degrees mean anything
Ala: b but I am to different from the usual c’mon bring me home nobody will buy me ” says on a frightened tone of voice being more and more convinced about the non earthling possibility~
Nuha watches with interest the slaves in the room, and listens to Master speak
Hellsing his vision came in clear as he said calmly” listen Hinata please don’t let anyone ever bully you ” he chuckled cause he knew her as a friend from social and he tried to give a good kick towards the man standing missing as he moved giving a low growl ” you people make me sick ” he said towards Neph then turns his head leaning against the wall trying to break free off the cuffs as he listened grunting and panting as he tried everything
MistieLuv peeks in through the bars seeing barbarians ..”Greetings,Sluts”..she says
Erin chokes on her breath and then barks coarsely “fuck you! I am Not a slut!”
MaraLynn: Gor, *looks around* where the heck is Gor
MaraLynn: I am in a bad B movie
Hinata: hmm blow me.. whoever you are.. chuckles loudly
[Ala blushes at the word “sluts”
Nephtides: *laughs* ah, my girl is there. Now, all present, you can see what a WOMAN looks like
MistieLuv: Blow you.. Where do you think you are..laughing at the girl..
Nephtides: Nuha, we are done in here. Come.
Hinata: I’m in wonderland and this is all a bad dream
Nuha turns to smiles to Misty “greetings” then clears her throat at the Master
MistieLuv: Not a dream girl but you will wish it was
MaraLynn stands up and walk over the water and takes a small handful to sip
MistieLuv: Tal Nuha
MistieLuv: Greetings, my Master
Nephtides: *kisses Misty deeply* The captives are ready.
MistieLuv: I see..Many Masters will be pleased”
Mina moves to the back
MaraLynn paces the room, looking for a possible way out
MistieLuv: Have the girls had something to eat?
Ala stands unable to be sited
Nuha nods “There is fruit and water inside for them”
MaraLynn looks at the shackles on the man against the wall “let me see if I can loosen these some”
Nephtides : (The shackles are of a blueish steel and perfectly crafted, they don’t give a millimeter)
Nuha : Greetings my Master! -wiggles fingers in greetings to Sol-
Ala watches the chains seeing they are to solids to be loosened
MistieLuv: Would you like me to make up some gruel for them, my Master?
MaraLynn fiddles a while longer then gives up “Sorry, don’t seem to be helping much”
Solveig watches as the Pasha enters the pen, sharing a curious glance with Nuha
Ala: do you want some fruit ” he says gently to the men in chains?
Nephtides: No, mine, But see to it the guests find seats and food, and the wine we smuggled from the barbarian lands
MistieLuv: Yes, my Master
Jabari sees his slut and puts his hand on her mane and cocks her head back and kisses her. Looking through the doors to see the sluts and opens it and takes a good look around “Salaam Sir.”
Ala stops as the men enters the room
Nephtides: *bids a formal Tal to the dignitaries entering* Welcome all.
Nuha looks to Sol and the man “Greetings Master”

Erin ruminates upon the fact that there was a man chained naked to the wall in here with them, then goes back to the gated door and looks through again
Nephtides: *shakes head in wonder at his instinct to choose THIS one as first offer* The beast is pretty, but raw gem material, to be polished and formed by mastery
Nephtides: Do I hear 3 copper Tarsk already?
Jabari has a moment of and returns “I bid 3 coopers on the beast”
Hinata: blinked.. at this.. in shock more then anything.. she couldn’t believe one of the people had bided on her….
Nephtides: A good choice, Sir.. Nuha, note that offer down… Hina, to your knees again, you did well.
Erin felt her heart begin to beat a little harder with the first girl being dragged out and thrown onto that sandy circle, as the thought “this is real” floated through her mind
Hinata: Yes Master..
Lorespeaker: “3 and a half” he grins tensely
Nuha makes a note “Yes Master’ then pauses hearing another speak
Nephtides: *delighted* three and half stands to offer
Jabari looks to the man on his right and growls “I up that to 5 coppers.”
Nephtides: 5 coppers, for the girl Hina. Do I hear higher bids?
Hinata: hearing the Master.. she knelt down in a different kneel.. she had no idea what it was or used for.. she does kneel in what felt best .. and easiest..
Hellsing he gulped down the water as he nodded” thank you ” to Mara
MaraLynn whispers “you are welcome. From what the man said, we may not get more for while.”
Nephtides: *to Misty* I need wine, mine. Any red barbarian wine there, and short serve mine.
MaraLynn gets a bit more for herself
Lorespeaker: looks a the fellow in surprise, the girl is not worth that much but he is up for a challenge, so he clears his throat, “5 and a half”
MistieLuv: Yes, my Master”..standing pushing herself off her bottom
Erin boggles, shaking her head, as the caped man moves aside and she sees Hinata on her knees on a circle of sand in the middle of a group of people
Ala : having see him drink from the girl places the bowl with water on the previous place don’t minding with his choice understanding without feel any issue
MaraLynn starts pacing again, not able to stand still
Hinata: couldn’t believe at what she was hearing.. at all the bidding.. she must have truly been on another world… no one had ever shown interest in her on her own planet.. this was hard to believe.. head spinning even..
Nephtides: 5 copper and a half have been offered for ownership of the barbarian girl Hina… a good price, sure because fewer good barbarians arrived lately *thinks with great sorrow of the Nest wars and their consequences before he snaps back to the here and now*
Jabari stood up and looked at the man. Who was he, perhaps even his magistrate but he’d been gone to long. “Beast rise and turn around” he barked at Hina in English
Nephtides: *nods* do it, girl
Hinata: yes Master.. she spoke doing as told.. turning around once more sensually and slowly
MistieLuv turns holding the tray in her two hands..
ERICK : scrutinizes the dark haired barbarian in the circle, understanding English notes how quickly she obeys the command
Hellsing he looked towards them all calmly
MistieLuv: excuse me Master”..she says as she tries to get through
MistieLuv: Holding the tray , she lifts it high..” Ta Wine ,my Master?
Lorespeaker: rises as well, to better see his opponent, and wonders who the man is – not having met everyone in the city yet, he could be anyone, but he carries himself with authority
Jabari watched her, Hideo had learned the barbaric language it was the way he gained so many in his chain way back when. He saw her turn and the way she moved and was going to have her. He stared at the man and then back to the auctioneer “This is a high price for this beast of Earth but I bid one silver.”
MistieLuv makes her way a round the pit offering wine to all..
Nephtides: *kisses Misty’s full lips, then grabs a goblet* Thank you mine
MistieLuv bats her long lashes taking the kiss..
ERICK : looks up and takes the wine from the serving slave
[16:12] Hinata: Hinata would wipe her forehead.. she was hot.. and her forehead showed this by beads of sweat on them.. blinks hard.. her heart almost bursting out her throat.. in shock.. pure shock..
Nuha raises eyebrows as she makes notes on the scroll of the bids placed, but does her duty as required, steals a glance to Sol
Nephtides: *looks amazed* ONE silver, for this untrained barbarian girl who only ahn’s ago said NO man would ever want her!
MistieLuv smiles at the barbarian..
Nephtides: *winks at Hina* I TOLD you, girl.
MaraLynn paces some more
Lorespeaker: looks astounded at him, either a gambler or a fool, such a chit was barely worth one copper let alone 100. He smiles, “I bow to superior bidding power Sir, I don’t wish to bankrupt my family over an untrained beast.
Erin whispers: “oh we’re all so screwed” looks around the room again, hoping for anything she might use to pick the crude lock of the gate
Hinata: would blush profusely now.. her whole face and ears red.. almost trembling in pure disbelief…
MaraLynn turns and nods hesitantly in agreement
Lorespeaker: He sits
Solveig glances to her owner in shock at the high price h would place on a barbarian beast, eyes widened as she looked at the girl again
Nephtides: *looks into the round* I do not DARE ask a higher bid.. but if there is one, I have to hear it.
Ala feels to curious on a somewhat feminine way approaching from the bars to can see better what happens despite the worriment watching with the eyes expressing fear
Jabari reached his hand out taking the beast wrist if she had allowed. If she had he had her by the waist. He pressed his lips against hers and kissed her roughly. Grinning towards the man as he bows away from the bid and just grins “Very good Sir, and The name is Jabari well met.” he said letting the beast go.
MaraLynn huffs as she goes back to lean against the wall not wanting to see anymore
Lorespeaker: looks to Nephtides and shakes his head
Mina stayed back shuffling her feet and sucking on the end of some of her hair.
Nephtides: *smiles+ and thus, and Nuha, note it well, the girl Hina is SOLD for ONE SILVER.
Hinata: there is no way anyone would bid higher.. she was just a barbarian girl.. and not even trained… would nod taking a slight bow to her Master.. as was done her planet….. as she moved back to the master called Neph
Nuha makes the marks on the scroll
MistieLuv claps her hands together…
Ala shivers at the words of the men going until a wall now really worried
Nephtides: she is yours Sir *bows slightly* Leave the coin on the sand.
Lorespeaker: he pales slightly, recognizing the name of course, but he nods, graciously as possible, “Lorespeaker of the Scribes, well met, sir”
ERICK: bring on the next beast!
Erin whispers: oh god..
Ala shivers
Jabari opened his pouch and laid the silver in the sands. Pleased with his purchase, he leaned to Nuha “You will start that beast with that switch of yours if she does not listen.”
Nephtides: *strokes Hina’s back* You just fetched the best price for an untrained girl since 7 years *grins*
Nuha nods to him as she prepares another scroll “Yes, my Master”
Hinata: I did Master.. she tilted her head..
Nephtides: Our NEXT girl was a learner, in the barbarian land
ERICK: “bah , silver for a barbarian ” mutters takes a swig of wine
Nephtides: she is of even less years, 19 only, and thus cannot take the shots for a few years longer, note this well lest she does not grow out!
Erin whispers: crap crap crap as she tries to climb the wall opposite the door, by the indoor outhouse
Nephtides: Her name was, and currently is Erin… step to the cage door, Erin.

Erin (Angiewolf)

Edited by Petra Poliatevska


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