Abduction to Gor (part 1)

Erin’s Abduction Adventure


It had already been a long and….as far as Erin was concerned, a far too eventful day. the bus she’d gotten the ticket for, hoping to get back to the embassy lay behind her on it’s side, in flames, mostly from fuel at the rear of the bus. she didn’t care, it was running off the road, into the sand. the ubiquitous sand… faster than it was burning, and would be out soon. she staggered off the highway toward what appeared to be a well, halfway between the bus and a gas station? she couldn’t quite make it out, her vision still being blurred from the knock she took on the head when the bus driver had suddenly slumped and the bus had rolled…

Erin dips her water bottle full from the well and heads to what she hopes is a hiding spot

Erin looks to her left and sees a hummer marked police, but no one around it, thinking it might be safer than a tent she goes to see if it’s unlocked, which it is. she begins to walk back toward the tent, staring off toward the column of black smoke rising from the rear of the bus
Erin decides to hell with the tent, hearing gunfire off in the distance and goes to the remains of the filling station, lifts the roller front and slips inside
Erin grumbles to herself about the U.N. being cheapskates, then sees someone else climb out of the bus and comes out, but stays under the shade of the canopy, trying to get a better look at who it might be
Erin shouts: Heyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! hey, come on get off the road, someone will see you!
Kristin hi. are you hurt?
Erin ” no, no, but” coughs choking on the dry heat

Kristin we need a safe place
Erin ducks as she hears gunfire “DAMMIT! we’re both gonna be, cmon!!” starts running back towards the gas station, dancing and hopping through a sudden swarm of scorpions
Erin “scorpions!? are you kidding me!?”
Kristin this IS the desert after all. I’m more worried about men with guns
Erin “ugh. well, still a block building with scorpions is better than the open in gunfire” she grunts as she kicks the door back and goes back in
Kristin ” interesting building. is it just a storefront?”
Erin ” I think it used to be a gas station”
Erin points at the men hanged over the pumps “maybe they owned it”
Kristin then there should b food around. vending machines maybe?
Erin shakes her head “no, none that I’ve seen but there’s a well over there. the water seems to be good”
Kristin not poisoned? seems a likely possibility in a war zone
Erin waggles a bottle she’d filled up and then sips a sip “I would be dead. glad I didn’t think of that before….”
Kristin grins….. that’s ONE way to test its quality
Erin shifts her mouth to the side a bit, an unhappy expression to be sure, as she stared at the bottle “yeah. I guess so”
Kristin looks around…… you haven’t seen another empty bottle around?
Erin holds the bottle she’d filled at the well up and smiles “yeah, but I filled it too. here”
Kristin takes the bottle…. thank you. you are most kind
Erin smiles innocently and nods “you’re quite welcome.”
Kristin “you think anyone will come looking for us? to RESCUE us, I mean?”
Erin “only if the U.N. misses me….” kicking at the door again “cheap ass bastards, the negotiators all FLEW…. they stick me on a frigging tourist bus”
Kristin takes a sip from the bottle….. U.N.? that makes you important, yes? they HAVE to come for you, right?
Erin sighs heavily “I would say I’m no more important than any other glorified secretary. I should have just gotten a loan to pay for school like everyone else did”
Kristin smiles understandingly…… we all have to do what we have to do. I don’t know WHEN my loans will be paid off. It’s why I came on this vacation. It was certainly cheap, but now I see why.
Erin: *giggles and nods “yeah. I’m sure it was…” looks back toward the bus ” I don’t see any more movement around the bus.”
Kristin hey, get back in here! you’ll be seen!
Erin shakes her head ” I think we must be the last ones alive”
Kristin shrugs…. I was pretty dazed, but I thought I heard some groaning coming from the wreckage
Erin grunts “shit, okay, I can’t not go check, now. I’ll be right back”
Kristin if any are still alive, they should be safe…… I think
Erin points to the engine end of the bus “it’s on fire. if there’s someone in there, they’ll burn to death”
Erin shouts: hello! is there anyone in there who can hear me?
Erin slaps the roof a couple times “no one is making noise now”
Kristin runs after her….. no? well it could have been my imagination
Erin shakes her head “I yelled and slapped the roof and windows and stuff”
Kristin oh, that seems thorough enough
Erin nods frenetically “I thought so! lets get back before we get shot!”
Erin scrounges around inside the building, hoping to find crackers or maybe some taffy…
Erin empties her bottle of water, finally and then decides, as it seems there was only the most limited of gunfire left and it seemed to be coming from beyond the bus, that she’d brave another trip to the well to refill it. also, she was getting bored and angry that no one from the un had showed to collect her yet. they surely knew the bus had wrecked by now…
**MEANWHILE, on the ship ******************************************************** ********************************************************************************
Miranda: What is it ?
Nephtides : well.. lets see *to the ceiling* Arcady? report on your test runs and analysis
[-=S=-] ARCADY: Tal, master, and tal agents
[-=S=-] ARCADY: Sardars probe examination found a signal someone sent 23 earth minutes ago.. an engine override, just a fragment of an order.
Miranda: Listens closely
[-=S=-] ARCADY: The signal was valid, so the machines stopped. I have rerouted the command, and we can fly on if you will, Captain…
Nephtides : *squints eyes as the AI hints at another option he cannot imagine* well… what do you think, ladies?
Abs “only if safe to do so”
Nephtides : *nods* Miranda?
Miranda: I agree is it safe to do so
Jane glances over playing with her hair “What if we erm crash”
[-=S=-] ARCADY: The flight would be safe.. yes. *sounding doubtful*
Nephtides : *huffs* Now speak up, damn machine brain… why would we NOT fly on?
[Jane: Stomps foot “Alright fly on”
Miranda: Laughs “You brat”
[-=S=-] ARCADY: well…
[-=S=-] ARCADY: We KNOW of a high ranking Ship Kur of the steel worlds, a mad one, who is presumably on earth… who but him could be using such.. hacking on us?
Miranda gasps slightly “Hmmmm we should at least take a look”
Nephtides : *wrinkles his brows under the Russian beret* You mean.. we could learn
Nephtides : [14:54] Nephtides : *nods at the assembled agents* Ladies.. we will keep the rest of Us crew in cryosleep for now.. Arcady seems to have found out what is up..

silvership returning
*********on the ground*************** ********************** ***********************
Erin: feels a moderately cool breeze blow, unexpectedly and turns her face to it, and then sees spots…
Nephtides : *grins* well then.. follow me ladies *stomps to the ramps that lead down*
Jane: give me a moment I will be following shortly
[-=S=-] ARCADY: The earth soldiers will be hit with capture scent in three earth minutes.. that should ensure your safe landing. No one will believe anyone who sees you.
Nephtides : *huffs, and disengages the shields.. now it gets dangerous, as he can hear artillery fire in the distance*
Nephtides : *the ships gravity ray comes alive, and stabilizes the platform *
Jomas cleans the faces with a fabric taking one pence and a notebook as always she do on remote or hard places where the electronic machines can be ruined by the weather or other natural agents
Abs sneaks up closely to the police van
Erin watches feet come to the other side of the SUV and scoots closer under it
Abs: lifts a hand to help her out
Nephtides : *drives the tank past the Hummer, seeing Abs at work there*
Abs: Hmm we need to get out Now
Erin watches the tank roll up and holds her breath as it rolls away
Abs: come on we don’t have much time
Erin whispers: “are you talking to me? who are you?”
Abs: I am talking to you yes”, crouches down “Come now if you want to survive
Erin scoots out from under the van “are you U.N?”
Abs holds her hand out to help her up “Come on We have to get out of here before things blow it is a war zone here
Erin stares, but takes her hand curiously dressed, but with out a hijab, she follows along “alright, I’m coming…..”
Abs: we have no time too loose stay close
Jomas stops abruptly as more 2 enters on the range of sight stopping very close
Abs: Ah here we are
Erin backs up a step as a camouflage uniform approaches
Jane glances around “I have some water if anyone needs some it is warm out here”
Jomas: yes a little of water will be good indeed
Jomas says waving to the Russian soldier who arrives back
Nephtides : *frowning* you *pointing at the one wearing a hat* name, and reason to be here…
Jane places the bag on the floor opening it with a supply of water pouring it “Here you may need this” then closes the medic bag up
Erin holds her still half full water bottle up “I’m good, thanks”
Jomas: I am called Jomas and I am a member of the Press from The Portuguese agency of news who are a official and governmental agency from the Portuguese state
[Nephtides : *nods* press card then.. and you? *to the petite blonde*

Erin looks at the bus and back at the man “I was a passenger on the bus, sir, the U.N. didn’t book me back with the negotiations team and so I was trying to get to the embassy”
Jomas: I am here to cover the war and my bus was a accident as you can see already ” says showing the official card along with the documents who authorize her on the place that on English Portuguese French Arabic and Russian
Nephtides : at Aleppo.. I see. that’s the nearest working one *with Russian accent*
Erin nods “byes, but I wasn’t going to be picky….”
Nephtides : *checks the papers diligently* aha… um hum… well, these seem to be alight
Erin: *yes
Jomas nods gratefully by the multilingual documents and to the person who have remembered that
Abs peeps over shoulder to take a look “you sure these are legit”
Nephtides : oh, you may double check them, doctor
Jomas frowns the official seal from the Portuguese state on the papers
Jomas grumbles ” gaita para esta tipa ”
[Abs: “Miranda your chief medic maybe you can check” shaking her head “I have seen this happen before”
Miranda: Let me see so called papers
Jomas: see the seal please it is marked with a withe timber not with ink
Abs: eyes the running woman “I would stay close”
Erin circles around the group putting it between her and the giant monster spider
Miranda: Well I can check if you tell the truth or not
Nephtides : *watches the earth women.. both quite well built, so not at all atypical catches.. Neph starts to wonder* I am Colonel Yevgeni Korzakov *to the civilians* We were sent for survivors
Nephtides : *pointing at the camel spider* just keep your distance.. they fear you more than you fear them
Erin looks away from the group to the man in camouflage and nods “that’s good, he should be dying of a heart attack about now… but sent by whom, may I ask?’
Jomas nods ” please proceed what you need to know ? and for the Coronel Korzakov ” pleasure to Know Coronel ” says relieved to see one high ranking officer ”
Nephtides : Now, we must get out of sight here *points at the Hummer glistening in the firelight* to the Police vehicle.. there is an empty tent nearby
Nephtides : We where sent by local authorities *smiles*
Jomas: hmm and we are at last out of that damn sun ” giggles”
Jomas: good please lead the way ” she says watching the group”
Nephtides : It is night, press woman
Erin nods and hums quietly “sure, and away from the gunfire and spiders”
Jomas: ((sorry))
Nephtides : *eyes the dead bodies swinging on chains* Here… Is was cheery
Nephtides : *smelling the reek of corpses* Bah
Erin whispers: careful
Jomas pales at the bodies
Erin whispers: there is a nest of scorpions around here somewhere
Nephtides : on to the car
Syria Police HumVee whispers: You are not the owner of this vehicle …
Nephtides : *grimly, Neph watches the burning oil in the distance* The road will burn a while *curses*
Nephtides : *kicks against the lantern*
Nephtides : ah… *reads the traffic sign*
Erin climbs up into the SUV selecting a seat in the back, by the window, and fastens the belt
Nephtides : *quickly kills the road light again* this way now
Syria Police HumVee whispers: You are not the owner of this vehicle …
Erin grumbles and gets back out as he runs off
Nephtides shouts: cheery *waves+
Jane shouts: over ere
Nephtides : *nervously eyes the nearby vehicles.. most burned out*
Nephtides : In the tent, all
Jomas follows his eyesight doing as he says
Nephtides : *hunkers down*
Nephtides : *sees the Arab woman* oh… salaam. you are?
Abs: Nods to her
Belle: salaam
Jomas: salaam ” she says to the Arabic woman
Nephtides : *kicks the sand out from the tents entrance as far as he can* get inside.. Jane!
Erin plops and wiggles herself a depression in the carpet, under which was only sand, making it more or less a tight packed bean bag in as much as the feel was concerned
Jane sees the sand flying about “I am ere”

Erin wakes up in a black box, surrounded by flashing lights, naked, and confused “hey, what’s going on? where’s my clothes? what the hell is this place?”
[-=S=-] ARCADY: A Captive has woken up.
Nephtides *nods* Now, sluts, kneel. At once.
Kitty crosses her arms over her breast and looks him in the eye not moving.
Nephtides *smiles* You have no skill to please yet, but you will learn… “blowjob”
Kitty stumbles backwards as he strikes her.
Nephtides *knocks her down, bursting her lip*
Kitty falls to the ground under the onslaught of his fist, the blood pooling from her busted lip. Touches it gingerly with her fingers as she tries to stand up again.
Kitty I’ll not do what you want you thieving cunt.
Erin hears voices, quietly steps out of the coffin like box and slinks over behind a control panel, by the looks of it, having caught sight of other naked people and the Russian, as he ordered them to kneel and began punching one. ‘the exit’ she thinks as she hides “I got to find the exit”
Nephtides *shaking head* I understand that you would act like this, while at home … but you better understand fast that you are far from there now… never to return
Nephtides ” I can do this and worse, and with impunity”.
Kitty winks at him “Momma always told me ‘Home is where the heart is’ Guess that makes me home.”
Nephtides It gives me no *grins, looking at Kitty* just LITTLE pleasure so far. That’ll improve.
Nephtides Now, kneel, or there is no way Mara evades what you already had *smiles*
Kitty looks at him and once more spits in his face. Lip stinging as she does it, his hand punching her yet again. “I’m the one disobeying leave her out of this.”
Nephtides *moves quickly, and slaps her senseless, not even angry*
Nephtides *turns to Mara* You come with me.
MaraLynn looks to Kitty and shrugs “I am sorry” follows the man
Nephtides *to Dimya* This Kitty here is for your hands I suppose
Erin steps into some sort of lift and shoots up to what looks like a spaceship. she looks around, out windows that were clearly no in what she had thought were in some sort of bunker, but rather appeared to be in a what? boat? no… a jet? no… as all the blood drains from her face “oh my god, far from home.”
Kitty head jerks to the side from the force of his slap. Her neck wrenching as it springs back forwards almost like a boomerang. Ears beginning to ring as he takes the other girl off to god knows where. “you bastard, leave her alone.”
[-=S=-] ARCADY: bridge intruder will be drugged in 5…
[-=S=-] ARCADY: 4
[-=S=-] ARCADY: 3
[-=S=-] ARCADY: 2
[-=S=-] ARCADY: 1
Erin looks up for where that voice might’ve been coming from as an announcement plays “drugged?”
Nephtides 711 fills the cockpit with Tassa gas, until the earthling drops*
Nephtides *fastens cuffs on Mara and a collar , and leashes her again*
Nephtides Arcady?
Kitty watches him take the other girl away and turns to face the petite lady in pink, watching her closely.
Dimya *smiles at Kitty* well girl … I don’t know why he rewarded you for your behavior … I’ll not be so kind
Erin hears a faint hissing noise and slumps to the ground, as the gas knocks her out
Nephtides *nods* Good, do that
Kitty looks at her in shock, eyes glassing over, one side of her face swelling up already turning colors from his repeated hits. The blood beginning to congeal on her lip. “Reward me? And just how did he do that?”
Dimya “lets start again … you may call me ‘Mistress’ and I call you whatever I want … do you understand?”
Nephtides *grabs Mara, and pulls her to his quarters, chaining her to the frame of the bed, then returns to the bridge, collects Erin and drags her back to the deck, dropping her at the feet of Dimya, then keys the lock on the lift and retires to his quarters*
Kitty spits blood out of her mouth to the floor near the woman’s boots “uhh sure when hell freezes over” her words slurred as the swelling continues.
Dimya well, then I suggest you imagine hell is just frozen over right now
Kitty I would think it would be colder here if it was frozen over. I can’t think of anywhere that would be more like hell then this. *laughs lightly but forced.
Dimya well … let me try to explain … you have two options … you may become happy and enjoy serving me or you may experience some time that will make this feel like heaven
Kitty snorts “I didn’t give in to him what makes you think I will give in to you?” her jaw getting stiff and making it hard to talk.
Dimya I don’t expect you to give in … I don’t even know whether its worth to try … maybe I calculate your worth per pound … for the price of sleen food
Kitty looks at her and starts slowly, quietly repeating the same thing over and over again. “Kitty Wells 718 91 7132, Kitty Wells 718 91 7132.” giving her military name and serial number.
Dimya *rolls her eyes, knowing this behavior … then sensually strokes the girls back* calm down sweetie … no need to keep on suffering *her other hand laying on the grip of her goad*
Kitty flinches away from the woman not trusting her.
Dimya: no need to move away … beating you up brutally is something I like to leave to others *smiles sweetly*
Erin slowly begins to wake back up, feeling half sick from the gas as kitty and Dimya’s voice garble in a dark swirl at the edge of her consciousness
Kitty relaxes just slightly as she listens to the even sound of the lady’s voice.
Dimya I don’t want to beat you up and also I don’t want to feed you to the sleen … this is just some kind of like society rules … like you bow your head to a king maybe
Kitty looks at her confused “What is a sleen?” the words slurred and a bit of spittle comes out of her busted and swollen lips when she speaks.
[Dimya hum … how do I explain correctly … do you know predator animals?
Kitty smirks “I’ve been known to hunt a time or two”
Erin looks around now, “a sleen? a king?” confused, shaking her head, and fingering her ears, never having heard the word before “what is this place, and who is a king?”
Dimya “imagine some kind of … maybe lion … or a tiger … or maybe a bear … well, a sleen would eat them for breakfast”
Kitty hums the tune to lions and tigers and bears oh my under her breath
Erin whispers “there are sleens in here?”
Dimya well, I personally prefer Thalarion but this time its up to Neph
Erin wanders over to the blue shimmer, looking “this place doesn’t look big enough to hold something that could eat a bear…”
Kitty tries to say the new word, her lips not working their way around it. Her head droops to her shoulders slightly as she once more begins to recite “Kitty Wells 718 91 7132” repeating it over again and again. More to remind herself who she is then any kind of reaction to the place she is in.
Dimya *rolls her eyes* … maybe I didn’t mean it LITERALLY
Erin whispers: “oh” then Ow! as she touches the blue shimmer, and is shocked. she then meanders about looking for a way out, eventually settling again behind kitty
[Dimya well kitty … it’s normal you are confuse now … but imagine … would it be so terrible to play this game a little bit along? … at least give it a try?
Erin peeks out from behind the battered woman editing serial numbers “you seem… I don’t know, somewhat reasonable. I don’t guess you could show me where my clothes are?”
Dimya oh, its not my duty to care for the clothes *smiles sweetly*
Erin sighs “any….clothes, then?”
Kitty shakes her head, white spots appearing in front of her eyes. “I can’t. I will not be beaten.” her words slow and once more mumbled as the rest of her face swells to match. Looks at the blond “don’t trust her she says she is a German consulate. She lies”
Erin shoots kitty a look “who? what? I would know a consulate. she says that?” looking at the smallish pink clad woman
Dimya I told you I am Member of the German embassy … well, maybe I’m just a secretary and that’s no lie
Kitty growls, blood dribbling from the corner of her mouth
[Erin knits her brow, thinking ” nein, ich spreche mit die embassie”
Dimya raises one eyebrow, looks at the blonde ” ich bin neu und arbeite dort I’m Archiv”
Erin had started to speak again, before Dimya had answered, only to be cut off in mid sentence ” ich habe immer oder zumindest fast immer mit die sekretarin am konsulat gesprochen…oh…my…you may be her, after all”
Dimya *looks sharp at the blonde* … *looks even sharper* … is is YOU? …*a devilish grin appears on her lips*
Kitty looks back and forth between the two of them as she can’t understand anything they say.
Erin covers herself, suddenly feeling more self conscious ” I am Erin, the American, I worked for the un as a secretary for the negotiation team that had just left”
Dimya ah, its you … we didn’t talk directly, but I worked on part 23-IIe … maybe you got it too
Erin shook her head ” I didn’t actually get to see any of the agreement. I just kept everyone’s schedules, made calls and tended things like hotel reservations and stuff. look, I’m just here on an internship for college, and I seriously need to get back, you have no idea how much I paid. how much debt…..”
Dimya oh, don’t care about the debt … we will do *smiles sweetly*
Dimya and you’ll be able to learn an exciting new lifestyle … I’m sure you will be very happy *grinning*
[Erin frowns severely at her “um…no, I doubt it. but right now I just want to sleep. are those black things the beds?”
Dimya *nods* and they heat. the knobs and controls are at the head…
Erin stares at the controls for a second, piddling with them until she feels a little bit of warmth rising from the inside, and climbs in, the surface hard and unyielding in any way, she shouts as she lays down “they aren’t very comfortable!”

Kitty looks around seeing none of the other captives.
Kitty: What did you do with them you beast?
Nephtides : tsts.. what do you think? *nods towards the cryo units* Some of them sleep.. some may be awake in flight *shrugs*
Kitty: you really are a despicable man.
Nephtides : Actually, I am very likeable *smiles*
Nephtides : But it depends on who you ask.
Nephtides : *winks*
[-=S=-] ARCADY: Captain?
Nephtides : Aye
Kitty arches an eyebrow “I’m sure only those of questionable parentage like yourself would say they find you agreeable.” calling him and his friends bastards in the nicest of possible ways.
[-=S=-] ARCADY: Pilot is awake
Nephtides : ah…very good
Nephtides : *to Kitty* That’s ten more lashes already.. I’d watch my tongue if I were you *winks*
Nephtides : Look.. Roxe’s waking up as well
Roxe wakes up, hoping once again that she’ll wake from this nightmare
Kitty gives him a mock smile filed with sarcasm “Moi? I don’t believe I said anything wrong at all. You said no foul language of which I did not use.”
Nephtides : Oh, I’ll just whip you because I am a despicable person *grins*
Roxe nods in agreement, though his words were in jest.
Nephtides : Ship? Set a starting countdown to ten ehn from now.
Kitty: just me? * her voice sounding slightly hopeful that he is only going to punish her this time and not all of the captives.
[-=S=-] ARCADY: Roger
Jilliannee moves closer with her camera peering down into the glass
[-=S=-] ARCADY: INTRUDER alarm: Human within force fields.
Jilliannee hides herself behind a heap of scrap metal inside the window
Kitty jerks back away from the barrier as the alarm sounds
Nephtides : *grunts, and reads the sensors*
Nephtides : Ship? Locate, and neutralize with capture scent
Jilliannee hears bells going off inside the ship backing away from the window and crouching down
[-=S=-] ARCADY: *Calculates the targets position, and fires two gas shells*
Nephtides : *hears two thuds on the hull* Goodness.. how did she even get there?
Jilliannee backs away putting her camera back in the bag to protect the film
Kitty: What is going on? *eyes scanning around the inside of the ship looking for any sign of danger outside of what the aliens already present.
[-=S=-] ARCADY: the target has been hit.
Nephtides : *nods* Oh just a curious cat I will grab
Roxe: “This all has to be some kind of bad dream. It’s simply too outrageous.”
Jilliannee feels woozy dropping her bag as she slumps to the floor
Nephtides : *goes to change into the safe suit, and to fetch the woman*
Kitty begins to cough as the gas shells penetrate into the cell area, eyes closing as she falls to the floor unconscious.
Jilliannee: passes out onto of her camera bag shielding it from sight
Nephtides : *rebreathers active, Neph sets foot after foot towards the captive, magnetic soles securing him.. when he reaches the earth woman, he grabs her bag and then lifts her from the hull.. the mighty engines already beginning to warm up, he hurries*
Nephtides : *moves to the hatch, and opens, climbing inside with his load*
Jilliannee like in a dream feels herself being lifted like a child over a shoulder and carried as she can barely focus searching frantically for her bag
Kalil: greetings my master
Nephtides : Tal, Kalil *smiles* look, another chance by catch
Nephtides : *starts to cut the clothes from the woman*
Kalil: uh oh
Kalil: I see
Kalil: shall I call Michiko, my master?
Nephtides : *throws Kalil the camera bag* examination of this, later.. put it in the board safe box
Jilliannee hears his words thinking no this cant be as she is carried into the ship wanting to leap off his shoulders but her arms and legs feel like lead weights right now unsure what struck her down
Roxe crosses her arms and glares at him with scorn
Kalil: yes my master
Nephtides : *pulls the clothing off the woman, and removes all jewelry and other metallic things*
Kalil: >catches it without looking
Jilliannee wanted a story but from outside the safety of the ship not a first hand look at the insides
Nephtides : *smiles, claps the naked butt, and carries the earth girl who was so curious inside the field
Kalil: >waits outside quietly
Nephtides : ((walk inside))
Nephtides : *wipes sweat* Kalil?
Roxe: “So, they kidnapped you as well? I am Roxelana Chronander, heiress of the Chronander shipping company.”
Nephtides : Begin starting preparations then, my boy.
Kitty begins to stir hearing the sounds of a struggle outside. Climbs to her feet holding her head and fighting the urge to vomit from the gas. One hand instinctively going to her belly as she regains her bearings.
Kalil: yes my master
Erin looks at her “kid…um.yeah, I guess that’s what you could call it”
Erin: kitty… how’s your lip?
Nephtides : Arcady? Transfer starting vectors to pilot. Engage stealth. Start weather manipulation: Sandstorm, 20 minutes.
Nephtides : Tal belle. Go look after the captives, we are about to start
Jilliannee stirs slowly wakening her head pounding as she takes inventory to make sure she is all in one piece realizing that she is naked
Belle: Yes Sir
Jilliannee crawls on her hands and knees and then to her feet realizing she somehow is inside the capsule now climbing to her feet and covering her breasts with one hand pound on the glass with the other
[-=S=-] ARCADY: Starting window opening in 2 ehn, Captain. Local Radar overrides established. Satellite overrides active. Path is clear.
Jilliannee: let me out of here
Roxe: “There, there. Those beasts stripped you, just like they did to the rest of us.”
Nephtides : *waves her off* Later girl When earth is far away. *smiles*
Jilliannee pounds harder to get their attention the glass seemingly thick
Erin: wait when what!?
Kitty looks over at the newest arrival “don’t waste your breath, they don’t care what happens to us”
Jilliannee pounds emphatically
Jilliannee: this is a huge mistake I am a TV reporter
Jilliannee looks down to show them her credentials but sadly along with her clothing they are gone
Roxe: “If they didn’t respond to the possibility of a huge ransom from my family for my safe return, they’re not going to release you because you pound on the glass.”
Michiko: greetings my master
Nephtides : Tal mine *studying the radar data* You look gorgeous
Jilliannee: but I don’t belong here I was simply acting on a tip I got about their operation
Jilliannee: I cant go to Gor
Nephtides : *chuckles* We’ll ask you in a while who gives such tips.
Michiko: thank you my master
Afraa: starts to look around desperately ass the force field remains intact–sounds like they are waking up this ship
Erin looks sideways “Gor? what is that?”
Kitty: oh a ransom is not what they want, they explained we have all been watched *looks at the reporter* except maybe you.
Roxe: “I don’t belong here either.”
Kitty looks at the rich girl “Do you think any of us do?”
Jilliannee begins to wonder now just who the informant was who told her the location of the spaceship turning and looking for the first time at the other naked women also onside the glass dome
Nephtides : *smiles and enjoys seeing the bouncing tits on the petite blonde* some pretty catch really
Seren: **steps near Kitty** What is happening?
Afraa: looks at the naked girls with her and realizes nothing has changed, no plan has worked
Erin runs the length of the glass, looking for a door “HAYYYYYY!!!!!”
Kitty pats the girls shoulder “looks like they are ready to take off or whatever you call it.”
Erin pounds on the glass
Jilliannee walks over mouthing to the man standing in front of her
Jilliannee: wonders if he can hear her
Roxe looks over at Kitty. “No, none of us belong here, but who do you have to help you? Money had the best chance of being my salvation.”
Jilliannee: tries again
Nephtides : *smiles* NO. I am an Abductor.
Afraa: don’t fight with each other!
Afraa: the enemy is on the other side of the force field
Kitty snorts “I have me that is all. And not a damn person left to care what happens to me.”
Roxe: “Then your situation is a dire one, isn’t it?”
Erin sighs and looks around “what the fuck is all this!?”
[-=S=-] ARCADY: /11 Flight window is open the next 7 ehn.
Michiko: >watches what is going on behind the force fields and waits
Nephtides : *nods* Kalil?
Jilliannee uncovers her breasts now pounding on the glass with both hands
Seren: The earth’s government is going to be investigating. You can’t just take members of the UN, and have no questions asked, no searches.
Jilliannee: can they even hear us in here I feel like I am in a fucking aquarium
Nephtides : ((It is a force field.. feels like static, but denser when you press against it))
Afraa: and you will show up on radar
Afraa: there are air forces in Syria
Afraa: you won’t get far–let us go now and we will say nothing, I swear
Nephtides : *grins* They see what our systems tell them.
Kitty looks over at the blond reporter and then at the other girls “For all we know the authorities already know what is going on here.”
Nephtides : Michiko.. tell Kalil we are ready
Michiko: yes my master
Nephtides : *nods at Abs* Get on the bridge, Lady Green.
Afraa: Kitty some sort of vicious deal
Michiko: >tell her intercom<
Jilliannee presses on whatever it is put it is like pressing into a wall it doesn’t budge
Afraa: selling us out to get some objective?
Michiko: Kalil, ready to go
Seren: You could very well be importing sickness to your planet. Earth is filled with contagions. Right now, you could be festering with our bacteria and viruses. **she said the words with some degree of satisfaction**
Kitty: more money, promises of technology or power who knows
Nephtides : Arcady? Gravity compensators ON.
Roxe: “Hey. Aid worker.” Roxelana points at those on the other side of the force field. “They’re all bonkers, aren’t they?”
Kalil: thank you, we have some fighters, but I think they are buying into our ecm
Erin shakes her head “no, no, that…I….we just negotiated away millions of dollars to save a few hundred people….I mean….they wouldn’t LET this happen!!”
[-=S=-] ARCADY: *starts them.. all in the ship feel the air densening around them*
Afraa: Kitty’s words make her sick with fear and rage
Kitty: Never underestimate the greed of a politician.
Roxe: “Think this is all just some elaborate prank?”
Jilliannee clutches her chest finding it hard to breathe wondering if she is working herself up into another anxiety attack looking around for her inhaler
Afraa: if you are Assad
Afraa: or the Russians
Afraa: or yes even Americans
[-=S=-] ARCADY: *starts the anti-gravitation engines and the impulse thrusters, as Kalil begins acceleration*
Kitty raises her hand to be counted in the Americans category
Afraa: if you had an offer of help from some spaceship like this–of course they would sell out a few women and claim lost in battle
Nephtides : *sways only lightly, as the ship gains height*
Abs: Hello there Kalil
Jilliannee: I am an American citizen
Erin: *giggles* “so am I, yet here we are”
Nephtides : *smiles* Nice to meet you. You are a Gorean noncitizen soon.
Kitty: Don’t think they are scared of the US
Nephtides : *checks on the cryo units* All well here.
Kitty: Looks at Erin “So where you from? I’m originally from Texas myself.”
Kalil: this is your friendly pilot speaking, we are scheduled to the city of teehre on sol III3, we are expecting a possibly rough flight with some fighter interference, if you hear a crackle, that is our shields, if you hear pounding on the armor something got through
Jilliannee: we are going where?
Afraa: God noooooo
Kalil: in a case o emergency follow the directions of the crew, I wish you all a good flight
Erin scowls “Illinois” shaking my head “I was interning to pay for a degree. I’m a student at SIU”
Jilliannee: is that place on a map?
Nephtides : *grins* Arcady, standby for deep scan of our flight path
Kitty feels the vibrations and change in the ship as it begins to prepare for its flight to Gor. The words of the pilot sinking terror into her heart. “We aren’t getting out of this are we?”
Jilliannee: do these people even speak our language
Seren: **sighs** I am from Florida. I am a trauma surgeon. I was volunteering with the UN sanctioned medical aid groups.
Erin: I shouldn’t even have been on that damned bus…..
Afraa: they don’t even open this force field for take off. I though we could make a move then
[-=S=-] ARCADY: we have reached orbit.al height Pilot. No obstacles in our way
Abs: Nods to the pilot
Michiko: do not worry girls, we are accelerating with about 15kG, so if a field fails we are all liquid in seconds
Jilliannee: they took my camera who is going to produce my documentary
Kitty shakes her head at Afraa “be glad we aren’t in those tanks over there.” then turns to Jullianne “They do speak English and probably every other language as well. Some of us got “shock treatment” learning of their language.”
Nephtides : Tal Miranda.. we are starting, best look after the captives
Miranda: Only if they behave
Kalil: >gives a friendly nod back and focuses in the sensor consoles while the ship speeds up on autopilot
Nephtides : *waits for the short moment of zero gravity, and huffs when it comes.. as always, his stomach doesn’t like that part*
Erin took another slow look around the room “where are our clothes? has anyone one…..” she pauses and glares at the bluish field then screams “GIMME MY DAMN CLOTHES!”
Afraa: yes I remember one of the girls was burned after she came back from that treatment
Afraa: I never got that
Jilliannee runs her hand along the force field walking along it looking for an opening
Afraa: did you Kitty?
Miranda: shakes her head at the shouting girl having a headache already
Roxe claps a hand over her mouth, suddenly feeling like she got off a carnival ride
[-=S=-] ARCADY: Kur Blockade runner 3 Light minutes ahead vector 113.094.626
Nephtides : Evade!
Seren: **her stomach flipped, feeling like she had been turned inside out momentarily, and her feet left the floor for a moment, then landed hard enough to make her stumble. She thought, “this is really happening!”
Afraa: maybe someone saw them!
Afraa: then worries as what would an earth fighter do but shoot a missile and kill us all
Jilliannee finds no opening in the force field
Kalil: the Kur are blind as bats today
Nephtides : Ready for defensive countermeasures in case they spot Us.. maximum speed in 3…2…1… GO.
Kalil: >goes hammer down
Kitty nods at Afraa “yes I got the crash course in language” falls to her knees as the weightlessness surprises her catching her off guard
Nephtides : *sways again, as the ship catapults itself towards Luna, and passes it within half a minute*
Afraa: knocked off her feet
[-=S=-] ARCADY: way clear to Mercury Flyby, all systems nominal.
Miranda feels a little light headed with the ship moving “I will be erm back”
Jilliannee braces herself holding onto the force field
Nephtides : *nods, teeth clenched*
[-=S=-] ARCADY: Kurii mine belt 14.000 miles ahead.
Nephtides : Argh! Kalil, do your Best!
Kitty moves closer to the other girls trying to gather them all together for a form of moral support or something. “We all do…”
Nephtides : *opens the tactical dialog, and marks the nearest mines for the plasma cannons*
Jilliannee places both hands on the force field bracing herself though her teeth start to chatter
Kalil: at it, my master, at it
Jilliannee starts t feel dizzy once more laying on the ground unable to stand anymore
Kalil: it is not as bad as last time, by far my master
Kalil: this is not tannhauser gate
Nephtides : *fingers flying across the keyboard, Neph does his best to improve the ship’s chances to pass this danger*
Abs grips the chair a little tighter then normal
Roxe breathes in and out, trying to calm her burbling stomach
Nephtides : Good… nearly there,,,,
Michiko: >stands on her high heels like nothing is happening
[-=S=-] ARCADY: swingby maneuver in 5…4…3…2…1…
Erin gets up and goes and sits in the middle of the gathering, sitting, laying and collapsed on the floor, patting Afraa on the calf “are you okay?”
[Kalil: engaged
Afraa: scared crazy Erin
Kitty whispers to the other girls “do you think we make it? It sounds like something has gone wrong.”
Erin nods “yeah. well… me too. we all are I think… not that that helps”
Michiko: not so far, we are still fine, just passing the sun
Nephtides : *squints eyes as the monitors white out momentarily when the ship reaches its closest position to the sun, ECM shielding giving everything a slight halo for a few seconds*
Roxe: “Perhaps it would be better if we don’t make it. Who knows what those beasts have planned for us?”
Seren: I haven’t heard the abductors screaming and running for escape pods. I guess, so far, so good…………
Erin: there are escape pods?
Erin perks up some
Michiko: >giggles<
Kitty shivers and nods at Roxe’s words “they have told us a little and none of it is good” perks up as the girls talk
Seren: It would be logical to have some means to escape a damaged ship, right?
Michiko: yes we have them, but they are sitting ducks to the fighters, so a last resort
Kitty: but we can’t reach them even if they have them
Afraa: and of course you will load us on the pods first
[-=S=-] ARCADY: we have passed Sol’s plasmosphere Pilot.
Afraa: bitch
Nephtides : *relaxes visibly* Low signature profiles now, Arcady.. drift on impulse. I see no blockade ships on our hemisphere
Erin points at Nephitides “FRAUD!”
Nephtides : *looks at the earth girl, confused* Me? nah.
Kitty looks at the group of naked girls ‘don’t you realize yet? No one on Earth is gonna give a damn about any of us. They might look for a while but then we will be written off just like last weeks garbage.”
Kalil: ladies and gentleman, we have now passed sol, the Kur fighters are still minding their own business and we are now headed for the Gorean fighter shield
Erin slaps the floor over and over “it ain’t right damn it!”
[-=S=-] ARCADY: The Homestone is in sight
Jilliannee slowly wakens again her stomach no longer in her throat trying to remain calm lying there plotting her own escape unsure how or why these other women are here only knowing she does not herself belong on this ship
Nephtides : *smiles happily* Last scan, Arcady.. make sure we have a free path.
Kitty looks sadly at Erin “no it isn’t is it?”
Kalil: I will stay alert my master, routine kills
[-=S=-] ARCADY: sensory arrays active. No obstacles.
Kitty shivers again remembering the giant beast he had showing them in the container. “I think Kur is that massive werewolf looking thing he showed us”
Erin: I cant believe I actually bought that one-again pointing in Nephitides direction- was a Russian anything….
Nephtides : *keeps smiling* Now now.. if the Kurrii don’t bump right into us, we should have slipped them
Afraa: that animal? how could it have fighters???
Afraa: it was a dumb lizard or grizzly bear
Kitty: he was more convincing then the little German Ambassador to the UN
Nephtides : *walks over towards the force field* Attention all. We will drift the rest of the way until we land.. will take half an hour, all in all.. and then, we will get you all into a nice kennel room
Jilliannee: staggers over where the other naked women are sitting and sits on the floor
Roxe: “Hmmm… so he wasn’t talking in Russian to that doctor…”
Kitty: 30 minutes?
Seren: A kennel room. Like a hostel?
Erin: what the fuck
Afraa: kennel room?
Miranda: Wonders why the cryo beds weren’t used for the slaves catching her breath
Erin: damn it
Erin: just how….you walked right through it!
Michiko: easy Erin, that we can does not mean you can
Erin: well, obviously, now…..
Nephtides : *smiles* you will soon be on my world
Erin rubs her chin
Erin: that’s gonna leave a mark
Nephtides : Its a force field.. and an artificial intelligence controls it
Michiko: I will take care of it later, you will be fine, no worries, Erin
Seren: Michiko,, you’ve been kind……can’t you do something to stop these invasions? If we can’t be saved, maybe other women can be!
Erin screams unintelligibly as he walks right back through it
Afraa: you all can look for kindness form traitor Michiko
Nephtides : *grins* well, you best calm
Afraa: but she and that Rowdy character are traitors who betrayed us without a second thought
Michiko: from you point of view I should, but you will se I can not, when you see the full picture
Kitty: the full picture? I don’t care about the full picture.
[Michiko: I am aware, that is the problem
Erin stands silently, glaring at Nephitides and then at the force field and back at him again
Nephtides : *shakes head* This load is a pretty stubborn one.. well. I will prepare our arrival.
Erin: damn
Seren: **she got up, and paced nervously back and forth along the force field
Erin tried pushing Michiko through the rice field to follow her out, cussing quietly when she got the slip
Seren: *speaks loudly* I am not going along peacefully. You’ll have to drag me, kicking and screaming.
Jilliannee: I never forget a face but I am not good with names
[Michiko: so, if you want to abuse me, either hurry or wait, I have to go now to my chores and t will be a few hours
Jilliannee: and I want to be taken to the US consulate
Erin coughs “yeah….me too”
Roxe: “I rather doubt these criminals will listen to reason.”
Jilliannee: yes that’s for sure
Afraa: I was artful with you hihi
Jilliannee: where the hell are we now
Nephtides : This is the lowest deck
Jilliannee: and where is the US consulate
Jilliannee: and when do we get some clothes
Afraa: rolls her eyes–
[Jilliannee: they all seem to speak but not listen it that an alien thing
Jilliannee: earn them? if you had not taken my purse I could have bought them
Nephtides : step to me, all around me
Miranda: chuckles I doubt I want to take your purse it will be no good to me
Afraa: feels herself dragged by the leash to that brute
Afraa: ahhhhhhh
Roxe shrieks at the feeling of falling
Erin: AHH!
Erin: que la chinga!
Afraa: looks around at this strange landscape
Nephtides : *grins and gives the ship order to vamoose again* all follow
Kalil: welcome all to the city of teehra, sol IIIb, also known as Gor, I hope you all had a good flight
Seren: **she startled** What was that!
Roxe: A good flight?
Afraa: what are you?
Roxe: “You must be joking!”
Erin: owies!
Nephtides : To me, all you girls. I want a nice row
Afraa: and I need clothes
Afraa: and boots
Miranda: I will be back soon
Miranda: You will have a job girl
Roxe: “This sand is effing hot!”
Jilliannee dances in the hot sand thinking this place must be near the equator
Afraa: looks like desert but with a difference
Nephtides : *drags the chain behind him, smiling*
Jilliannee yanks back on the chain
Jilliannee: you could simply ask us nicely to follow you
Jilliannee: I don’t like being dragged along by the neck
Miranda: Hold your tongue
Nephtides : Come agents
Erin: ow! ow! ow! that sand gets HOT!
Erin hops along behind as she is dragged
Nephtides : *salutes the gate guards*
Miranda: You will soon find out
Afraa: looks around–impressive buildings
Afraa: looks Arab
Miranda: WATCH your mouth before I gag you
Erin looks at the chair and sits and is immediately dragged off onto the floor on her ass
[Nephtides : *opens the secret passage*
Jilliannee wonders if she hides her face because she needs dental work
Roxe: “A hidden lair? How criminal!”
Erin: at least my feet aren’t burning anymore
Nephtides : in here *drags them*
Afraa: wait
Afraa: no feels herself dragged into what she now sees is a cell
Roxe shakes her fist at him, enraged
Miranda: get in
Jilliannee: I am not going in there
Nephtides : *grins* aaah.. Home, finally.
Jilliannee: I told you this was a mistake
Miranda: get in there
Jilliannee: I am not on your list take a look
Jilliannee: you are going to push me one time to many bitch
Afraa: look at this nonsense on the wall
Jilliannee glares at the woman in the green skirt
Miranda: One more move like that an I will cut you tongue out
Roxe backs away from him
Afraa: leaps at the brute and tried to grab his weapon
Jilliannee: look would someone like to explain to me where we are and what we are doing here
Roxe tries to trip him
Afraa: bounces off him
Nephtides : *smacks the girl with a back hand, not even disturbed by her much*
Jilliannee watches the girl bitch slap him with her tits
Afraa: staggers back her cut lip bloodied by his slap
Nephtides : *smiles, hands on hips* This, girls, is a slave kennel.
Jilliannee looks at the poster
Miranda stays back waiting for her helper
Jilliannee: not one I would choose to hang above my bed but to each their own
Afraa: kennel???
Nephtides : It is there to help you *smiles*
[Seren: **silently watches as the short melee concludes. Now, in a locked cell, on a strange planet, was too late for that
Afraa: “I’m not a dog you bastard”
Nephtides : Of course not
Afraa: tries to flee but feels another force field
Nephtides : who would drag a dog across space?
Roxe: “Kennels are for dogs, not people.”
Afraa: one cage to another 😦
Erin rattles the cage door
Nephtides : well, this is made of good steel and hard wood *smiles*
Nephtides : Good. Then behave, and you might get fed
Jilliannee: he tells us we should behave?
Afraa: what now, abductor?
Erin: might?!
Miranda: Behave and you will live
Kalil: wakes up, out of his flight suit, and passing for pristine
[Nephtides : *pulls the curtains away so they can see better and be seen better*
Nephtides : I need to change… Kalil? Ask the agents if they need anything
Kalil: my master
Jilliannee glares though the bars wishing she could wrap her hands around that woman’s neck
Abs: Nods to the man
Kalil: can a boy be of use, mistresses?
Afraa: yes boy open the door I want to examine that carpet
Miranda: HE wasn’t speaking to you
Nephtides : keep that cell closed *calling over*
Kalil: girl, there may well be a time when I call you mistress, but it is a possibility in the future
Miranda: I am fine boy not sure on abs
Kalil: thank you mistress
Miranda: Abs you alright
[Afraa: you’re welcome, boy
Kalil: thank you, girl
Abs: I am a little shaken after that journey but some juice would be nice
Jilliannee: I want to see the US ambassador
Nephtides : *leans in the doorframe, fresh clothes on and finally free of the technical additions*
[Kalil: yes mistress
Abs: Nods to him
Nephtides : *grins* Now, for all who are slow on the uptake… we are on a different planet. It is called Gor. You are slaves, and that is the only legal status we care about for now. The next embassy of the US is double the distance earth-sun away.
Miranda: Nod a Neph explains
Nephtides : in the kennel, you will find a bowl with fresh water, and one with dried fruit and shortbread
Kalil: >kneels at the ladies heel with a tall glass of fresh larma juice<
Afraa: tries to process what this bastard is saying–different planet?? no earth nation can do that
Nephtides : The wooden cabin is a toilet
Nephtides : *nods* aye. And we can.
Erin shakes her head and stares
Jilliannee: don’t we get our own rooms?
Kalil: >holds it to his body, then to his chest, hints a kiss, then raises it, spins it in his fingers, then holds it up to offer
Jilliannee: I asked for a king size bed
Roxe: “This is barbaric!”
[Miranda: chuckle
Kalil: mistress, may a boy offer the larma juice he has poured for you to refresh you after the long trip you have taken?
[Jilliannee: llama juice?
Jilliannee: do you take it with one lump or two
[Nephtides : you will not get an own room, hehe.. well, settle in fer now *knocks the cage bars*
Abs take the juice from him “Thank you” taking a sip “He is talking to me NOT YOU now listen to the man and stop interfering
Jilliannee: I cant sleep with al these other women they are naked
[Erin: I wanna go home! take me home! let me out!
Seren: Why do you all cover your faces? To hide your identities from authorities?
Nephtides : *gg* I can
Afraa: and there isn’t enough carpet
Afraa: how can we sleep on stone?
Jilliannee: I told you they don’t have dental plans
Nephtides : well, share furs. *smiles*
Kalil: thank you mistress
Abs: Because we do don’t ask questions
Afraa: looks around for a weak point
Erin grumbles and stares down at the fur
Nephtides : *seats himself, stretches, and says it aloud* Thirteen times! And we are alive.. bless the good kings
Roxe: “Sleep on these animal hides? Like cavemen? Very bad for the back.”
Afraa: the toilet is a hole in a bench!
Afraa: disgusting
Jilliannee walks over to the bars
Nephtides : *laughs* oh, this will be amusing
Jilliannee: can you take off this necklace now it is giving me a rash
Jilliannee: and my mom told me never accept gifts from strangers
Abs: chuckles
Afraa: thinks that blonde woman is losing it–she makes less and less sense
Jilliannee: that camera they stole from me costs thousands of dollars
Nephtides : so, girls +stuffing his pipe slowly* which one of you shall be kennel speaker? *grins*
Kalil: do not worry, the camera is safe
Afraa: what is the kennel speaker?
Jilliannee: well that hotel manager has been barking this whole trip she would be a good kennel speaker
Nephtides : the girl who gets the punishments for all wrong done by the kennel inmates
Miranda sits down for a moment
Kalil: >chuckles<
[Erin: I volunteer Afraa
Seren: Oh, hell, no!
Nephtides : *smiles* and the one who has to ask for what you want.
[Erin: *giggles*
Jilliannee: I second it
Afraa: looks around angrily–betrayed even by some of her fellow captives
Nephtides : you may elect one *grins*
Roxe: “That is a terribly unfair thing to do, scapegoating.”
Afraa: you know what abductor?
Nephtides : Call me master.. and say?
Afraa: I don’t care–this is your plan to divide us–we will be punished as you wish anyway
Erin: see? there she goes!!!
Nephtides : *chuckles* You have a very bad attitude now. It will change.
Jilliannee: what did he say to call him?
Jilliannee: master what
Erin: ohhhh
Erin: oh
Afraa: well girl (staring at Erin) I volunteer. I will fight them every way I can. let’s see what you do
Erin: oh. right
Nephtides : just master *smiles* and the free women are addressed as Mistress
Afraa: closes her mouth and refuses to address Aby of the abductors
Erin: hmm
Nephtides : Kalil? A paga for me.. and then ask these slave girls if they need warm food or such
Jilliannee: well if you let me out of here they can address me as mistress then
Kalil: yes my master
Abs: I think you are to call me an Miranda Mistress
Erin: I don’t want anyone to call me mistress. it sounds perverse
Miranda: Not you US
Jilliannee: I think that boy drank too much llama juice
Afraa: hehehe
Roxe: “Like a married man and the other woman, his mistress.”
Erin: llama?
Afraa: ladies, let’s go on a hunger strike
Afraa: they will feed us–we are economic benefits for them
Erin: ohhhhhh
Afraa: let’s not talk to them
Erin: *giggles*
Nephtides : *takes his drink from Kalil*
Kalil: thank you master
Roxe: “Then let’s find something to talk about amongst ourselves.”
Kalil: my master
Erin I wonder how that poster is stuck to the wall….
Kalil: thank you my master, it was more due to the Kur being losers today
Erin jerks at the frame trying to pull it off
Roxe joins her in trying to tear at the paper
Jilliannee: I am sure that is simply a copy you can probably buy one at the market in town
Nephtides : so, now *sips his paga and belches* I think we have… 15 lashes for everyone, and 5 extra for Kitty *notes it on a chalkboard*
Afraa: joins them trying to rip it off the wall
Erin looks at Roxe and then at Afraa “if I had my giant machete…..”
Erin yanks on it again
Erin: yank yank yank
Afraa: it doesn’t even move4
Afraa: whatever else these brutes are, their technology is advanced
Nephtides : *grins* that’s screwed and bolted girl
Erin sighs
Seren: **scratches at the posters with her nails, to see if she can deface it**
Erin starts scratching at it as well
Afraa: I see the toilet paper I will use–over near the toilet–a scroll version of this
Nephtides : hah, the other reporter *grins*
Erin: scratch scratch scratch
Afraa: scroll*
Jomas remains in silence not understanding noting what they say
Nephtides : Mouthy.. moves to the door.
Nephtides : come here mouthy
Jomas grumble obeys
Roxe: “Maybe if we break one of those bowls and use the shards like a knife?”

Erin (Angiewolf)

Edited by Petra Poliatevska


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