Tara telling a story at the campfire

Each Thursday the Shekinah Arani tribe has a role play evening where stories are told.
This time tjytske( Tara Freckleface) tells the following story.

Snapshot_001tjytske: Well dear sisters and guest, Some of you remember how a rather longt ime ago I was brought in here as a merely shy slave girl

tjytske: There’s a lot happened in that time, but many of you never experienced your self what is meant to be a girl, a Gor born slave girl on this planet. The barbarians maybe, but some of you, former wives of city males… have no idea

tjytske: Therefore I will tell you a story, and if you want to hear in that story my own, it’s granted *smiles and then clears her throat

Mariko Marchant: yes go ahead Tara

As some of you may know I am a Gor born, breeded in a kennel in glorious Ar. Of course I never knew who fathered me, because during the act he and my mom were hooded and not allowed to speak, carefully watched by the slaver and the owners.

So I grew up in that kennel. My training was harsh, but I learned quick how to be an obedient girl, and all the serving skills which are expected from her. At the time I was what they call “ready for use” I was brought to the Central Slave Market.

I had never been there before and was amazed by what I saw. In the very center I saw a sand covered stone block 4 feet high. On it stood a beautiful slave girl, standing upright proudly, realizing the honour of being sold on the central block.

Along the 4 other sides of the place there where minor blocks and it was to one of them our slaver led me and some of the other girls on his chain. Shortly he conferred with the auctioneer, who gazed with some contempt at us. Then he opened the auction.

tjytske: Maybe i can add that this happened in the most beautiful city of Gor, glorious Ar

The slaver made the first girl loose from the chain, and under threat of is whip made her step up the block, ripping of her scarse slave strip, leaving her stark naked. She whimpered and cried warm tears, but obeyed as she had no choice whatsoever.

The predominantly male buyers laughed and mocked on her, the bidding going on very slowly. Finally she was sold to an grey bearded red clad soldier, for only two coppers. The slaver pushed her off from the block and then made me step up, stripping me.

I had been prepared to this, so I knew I should show pleasing, if I didn’t and the bids remained too low, I would be beaten, so I straightened my back and proudly pushed up my breasts. The men jeered joyful and started to bid.

A bit aside from the crowd stood a lady clad in blue robes of concealment, with a veil of the finest fabric. I was surprised as she bid by putting up two fingers. Then men feel silent, and looked with anger at the woman. The slaver however smiled.

Mariko Marchant: Tal Ava Tara is telling a story

AvaDelaney makes herself comfortable and listens

“Who wants to bid higher than 2 silver tarsks. Two silver is bid by the lady for this home-breed and well trained beast! Your bids please!” But none of the men responded, considering it madness to spend that much for a girl from a lower side block.

As my slaver had sold his merchandise, our hands were bound, we were chained in coffle and brought back to his kennel area, where we were locked up in small cages, where we only could kneel or sit. And waited for our new owners to collect us.

Soon the Lady appeared, accompanied by a servant. At my surprise the slaver opened first a cage in which was the girl wo had been sold before me. Nervous as I was I hadn’t noticed it was the same Lady who had bid on her, though much lower.

Then they opened my cage, and I was taken out. The slaver removed our kennel collars, and the servant tied fibers around our necks, ending in a leash. The lady paid the slaver from her purse, and with a nod to the servant trod out in  the open, heading ho

Not often in my previous kennel life I had been out, so I was amazed by the beauty of the city, the gardens, the cilinders, plated with white marbles. I took a deep breath of the pure and crisp air, so welcome after the damp atmosphere in the kennels

Soon we halted in front of a richly ornamented wooden gate. The servant knocked and from the inside it was opened, two guards bowed reverently before my lady. “Welcome home again, lady” which she answered with a smile and a nod.

The servant took us to a side room, where he put a collar on us with the name of the Noble House of the Lady. Ordered us to strip, threw our clothes in the fire, and gave us simple grey camisks to cover our intimate zones. Then he brought is to the Lady?

“You are now the property of the Noble House of Aretheia. Call me Mistress. Your duties start right now. You – she pointed at me – will be called Tara, and you must teach the barbarian proper Gorean. If needed you may use a switch on her”.

“She will only be named when she has proven to speak proper gorean. I give you three moons to teach her. If you fail you will be flogged with the five bladed whip. Do I make myself clear?”

tjytske: As you know, the five-blasded was a cruel but very ingenious kind of whip, which left no marks

We were brought to a kennel so we could fresh up ourselves, and immediately I started with my lessons. I pointed at myself and said: “I am Tara”. She looked confused first, but then smiled suddenly, recognizing the name my mistress ad given to me.

-: She pointed at herself “Ee om Claire”. I smiled and tried to correct her rather odd pronunciation, and as she tried again, it already sounded like “I am Claire”. So I continued, pointing at things in the room saying the word, she trying to repeat.

So daily life began in that aristocratic House. My Mistress called for me every morning to help her with dressing, and after having served her breakfast, she took me to her office room, a huge hall with the walls covered with many boxes with scrolls.

Sitting at her desk talking to her visitors which I had to serve of course with sweet Turian grapes and heavy and sweet liquor from the same town, she noticed how eager I was listening to the words spoken by the free. I literally devoured what she said.

Once, after a guest was gone she laid her hand under my chin and lifted it, so she could look straight into my eyes “You seem interested in all these thing you’re hearing here, aren’t you?” I blushed deep and did not know what and how to answer…

From that moment on my Mistress started to teach me reading and even writing. Also she told me many things which amazed me. Common people are told simple explanations for things in the world wherein they live. It’s known as the First Knowledge.

But my Mistress in a way trespassed the rules of the High Castes, telling me knowledge which in a way was reserved to the high Castes. Such as the existence of a planet Earth. And the continuing supply of beautiful earth girls by agents of the Priest Kings.

As my reading skills grew, she allowed me to read many of her scrolls, thusly let me grow in knowledge. I was a slave physically, but grew into a scholar mentally.

Meanwhile my chain sis still without a name made wonderful progress in her learning Gorean. Soon her words evaded the walling of her teeth like a waterfall at the end of winter. I liked to listen to her stories about her previous life on Earth.

AvaDelaney: ((umm…wasn’t it the Others that imported loads of earth girls? Not the priest kings?))

AvaDelaney: By the house of Cerus

tjytske: ((Any correction is welcome *smiles))

Next time I will reveal to you what she told me about her fatal meeting with an agent of the PK and the way she was abducted to our planet. For now my throat has dried up, and I badly need a paga, a chilled one please. *she leans back satisfied.

tjytske: Well, sisters now you think…what a spoiled brat… but next time you will hear how it went further. The higher one climbs the deeper one falls…

AvaDelaney takes out her paga flask, having filled it before leaving the tavern and tosses it to Tara.

AvaDelaney takes out her paga flask, having filled it before leaving the tavern and tosses it to Tara

Aiden Python is offline.

tjytske: That was the story part of it.. of my life, and now you cqan understand why our En damn her, leaves all the writing stuff to me *giggles

Mariko Marchant: it was truly a wonderful story Tara

Mariko Marchant: and it made me understand you better.

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