Men in Gor, The Real story. As told by a non typical male Gorean

How many Gorean Males can you Define?

Men who see a woman and all they want to do is haul them to the furs and get their rocks off and go find another one to do it with. (the sex addict Gorean)

Men who see women as objects or property (the Collector)

of these two, i can tell you that i have been told thousands of times “Gor is NOT all about SEX”
but so many Men of Gor see it as just that. see this Kajira or Bond, Fur them “wham bam POOF to the next piece”
Women do not want to just be used for SEX, they want to be appreciated, they want to be cuddled, they want to be talked TO not AT. how many Men out there would not be there IF not for Their Mothers?
If your mother and father did not take the time, you would not be here. this was not just a roll in the hay and the Father figure went off to screw another woman. he was the breadwinner of the family, he taught the son how to hunt, he taught the son how to make things, and yes he also taught the Heir to his Throne how to work WITH the followers not just command them to do it.
i mean after all “someone had to teach the workers what needed to be done and when.

The Women cleaned clothes, the house, repaired clothing the men wore out or tore while they worked.
took the time to show the daughters how to cook and clean and mend.
These communities worked together. they traded between each other, they were a well known Family community. if all things a Native American way of life, work with the area, trade one thing you ahve for something you need.

And then we come to the “third Definition for a Gorean Male”

Men with Empathy. They want to be a friend and prove that not all men are walking cocks or collectors of these “typically” the women that wander into Gor tend to find the first or the second.
they get soured to exploring Gor because they did not come in to just be a piece of meat, or a piece of property.

But because of the actions of these first 2 definitions most women are guarded if the third comes around.
promises promises promises of a better life, a better Gor, and because of the first two the woman believes her gut instinct, “this is too good to be true” and never try to take the chance to actually finding someone patient enough with them to try and show a better life to them.
There are people in the world of Gor, that instead of forcing a collar on a neck, want to help do a few things.
1 work with the person.
2 help expand the character in more than just a “storyline” or history
3 build something the person would be proud to display about themselves
and so many more things
Gor is NOT just how many slaves you can fur, Gor IS about helping Everyone find a place to fit into the Gorean Communities. Fit into Gor. AND become productive Members of any Gorean Land.
Where Does it Start?
By You the Gorean Male not pulling your prim penis out of your pants and forcing a woman to be furred.

I ask you Gorean Males of the Planet. Do you take the time to talk to the Women? do you take the time to get to know them? do you take the time to speak to them and not at them?
do you try to make them feel comfortable around you and your lands?
Do YOU take the time to try to know them, and see if they may have an rl rape that they are dealing with? or do you care? is all you see the breasts the heat, the ass that you want to see how well it its on your manhood? 99.9999999% of Women in Gor have some hidden reason on why they come in as a forced slave.
someone saw them and wanted them on their furs, wanted a collar on them wanted to “OWN” them, and wanted them as a possession. yes Gor i a Harsh World. but look at the Women that come to Gor. how many leave within the first 6 months to a year? WHY? because you treated them like nothing but a piece of meat to put your “manhood” into and not think about what may have drawn them here. YOU drove them out of gor. because you looked at the Body, NOT the person behind the Avatar.

YES Ladies there is the “non typical Gorean” out there. that does actually care to try and help.
try to let you decide what path you want to follow in Gor. the Man that instead of just wanting to throw you into the furs, or own you and mind fuck you into believing that it is all you ever will be.

the Native American people believed that men and women were unique pieces of the same puzzle. you can be one or the other, but it is when treated with respect that you become what you truly are. someone that can carry life. Men can not do it. only Women can. Yes Men are a part of that process, but YOU as a Woman should have the right to decide who you will be with as a Slave or Free Woman. as a possession, or someone who can make the decisions on where you chose to go, how you live your Gorean life.

Signed Homar
(probably the hated now)


2 thoughts on “Men in Gor, The Real story. As told by a non typical male Gorean

  1. comment on Men in Gor

    I read this story with interest, yes I have met them

    1 the sex addict , sometimes walking round I get Im, come and see me , lets have some fun,
    or you are so beautiful so sexy come and see me
    or I would like to dance with you , ect

    2 i am a gorian male come and be my slave, I have 3 -4 others locked up but come and join us

    and yes I now avoid role play with gorian males, and will either go AFK or OCC to avoid all the drama,
    so Males if you seriously want to rp with women in Gor take heed and make role play with us that does not involve asking for sex or adding to your hareem,
    or yes women leave Gor or yes they act like I do and avoid them,
    and yes I know some women in Gor are RL males , and they still say
    1/ come and have sex with me i am a panther
    2/ come and be my slave I am a panther
    and some panthers are women in RL and others are Males RL and they try to act like real panthers and they are fun to rp with.


  2. I Love You All, but if you think a Gorean woman is there to be loved or appreciated or talked to and not at, then you have not read very many if any of the Books of Gor. We are in a Role Play Game based on The Books of Gor by John Norman. GE is Gor Evolved, NOT Gor Reinvented. this means we fill in the blanks of life in the forest based on the characters and customs of the BOOKS not constantly put our own Invented twist on it. We as Women need to realize that the world that we “Live” in “Gor” as unpopular as it may seem in a Man’s. If you really want to Help a new person in GE Gor tell them to Read or at least listen to Book # 8 Hunters of Gor


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