Roleplay at the outpost of Three Moons Valley Isle / Elation

To  increase role play on the Three Moon Valley and Elation  it was decided to have the outpost role play only  to encourage people who don’t not want to fight always to come, and to make our lives seem more real. As a GE Gor world, we try to keep IC and behave how our characters should. We try to keep as close to the Gor world as we can, but we are here to have fun to, and have a good time, so yes panthers would not be in a tavern, and yes panthers would not be with other tribes , this is a flavour of what role play happens in our land, please be aware that Gor is adult and has adult themes and if reading this make you uncomfortable please do not read.  We come to Gor because Living in Gor can be exciting and different from RL, is that not why we all come?  Gor is a wild place with wild people , living hard and taking what they want.

I have edited out time and anything not contributing to the role play, be aware also that the role play is in a tavern and most takes place in the ground , but some take place above in private rooms, so even though speech is heard up to 20 it is not seen.

bodi (bodicapagan): wow looks a crowd.

hilda Bruun: and on that happy note, .. Thank You Tavern Mistress for letting hildie tend bar, and thank You Panthers for letting hildie wear the Tribe collar..smiles as she is whisked away.

Henrius”’SunLaLuna”’ (bobbyjoexx): looks to ava ”explain what ”i ask.

Ava Delaney (avadelaney): We were wondering how you were able to capture this girl that you sold to me earlier?

Henrius”’SunLaLuna”’ (bobbyjoexx): greeting remy.

Ava Delaney (avadelaney): Since apparently she was inside a panther camp
bodi (bodicapagan): Tal sis ava.

Henrius”’SunLaLuna”’ (bobbyjoexx): aw.

Ava Delaney (avadelaney): Tal Bodi.

Lure (luria.irelund) looks at the other as they enter the tavern giving a nod of her head to Adel and the Smith.

bodi (bodicapagan): you let the rif raf in i see : did the place up i see.

Henrius”’SunLaLuna”’ (bobbyjoexx): aye yes as a black smith i have in counter some or have learn some stuff lock picking is one as i open the gates i look in i seen her nude in a cage so i then broke it open leashing her and dragging her back here as she was kicking alot, Tal lura.

Ava Delaney (avadelaney): well, a spilt barrel of paga and a candle cause a lot of damage, needed to rebuild, so made some improvements.

Remy (raemz) smiles and looks beautiful Mistress standing close “tal Mistress Adelin, May this boy serve with you anything you wish”.

Henrius”’SunLaLuna”’ (bobbyjoexx): looks to ava ”how is the coin slut doing i ask”.

Lily (talondyr) smiles to Bodi and then to Henrius “Tal Master and Mistress, may I get you anything to refresh yourselves?”

Tala (tallaniel) shivers and nuzzles her head against Lure. “Uhm, perhaps we could go back to the camp, mistress?” Asks nervously.

Ava Delaney (avadelaney): Sadly Henrius, I had to hand her back to her former mistress, Lure here…

bodi (bodicapagan): ahh see lily ” beautiful girl a paga for me cold grins , ”

Adelinyth Fisseux lowers the eyes on the thrall: well some paga would work for me..go for cheaper one..i can hardly distinguish it.*shrugs* how is going with the new tribe lure?i heardt you leading your own one.

Henrius”’SunLaLuna”’ (bobbyjoexx): aw so lura was her owner then in deed i have help her to get her back i see : looks to lilly no girl no need of drink

Sabrina (sabrinawinters): tal sisters, huntresses, male, and slaves.

Henrius”’SunLaLuna”’ (bobbyjoexx): i see the tribes are gathering here.

Remy (raemz) steps towards bar in excitement of serving a beautiful Huntress to bring her drink Paga”

bodi (bodicapagan): Waves Tal to her sis.

Ava Delaney (avadelaney): well, they get to drink without killing each other in here..
Lily (talondyr) smiled and moved to the cold box in the floor behind the bar, slipping the insulating blankets off the over and selecting a bota of chilled paga. I filled a clean footed bowl from the drying rack and added the sa-paga before replacing the bota and covering it back over to keep the temperature perfect.

ღ Ťαɾα ‘Ŧσχу’ Ŵαđє ღ (tara1965): so you stole her from our camp male?

Lily (talondyr):kneels

Henrius”’SunLaLuna”’ (bobbyjoexx): well i yell out ”any one in need of arrow heads bows and other hunting tools come over any time to trade.

Lure (luria.irelund) looks to Adel, “Good to see you I am not up by that side of the continent any longer once in awhile but since now moving here to elation there enough to keep me here but how is the tribe

Henrius”’SunLaLuna”’ (bobbyjoexx): no not your camp.

Lily (talondyr) knelt at Bodi’s feet and offered up the bowl to her with my eyes lowered, blond hair covering my face partially “Your chilled paga Mistress, I hop you find it pleasing and refreshing”.

Henrius”’SunLaLuna”’ (bobbyjoexx): the one call calie i think has the camp.

Remy (raemz) heavy steps on wooden floor and back to Huntress with her drink.

bodi (bodicapagan) looks down on lily watching her breasts bobble as she kneel , takes the cold paga, pats her on head, “well done lily ” smiles im sure is good.

Remy (raemz) smiles and offer drink “Mistress Adel, here is your drink”

Adelinyth Fisseux glances down and giggles, taking the paga from the hands of the thrall and starts sapping it: thanks..well done boy.

Henrius”’SunLaLuna”’ (bobbyjoexx): any ways ”a man can get lost here with all the breasts here moving around.

Remy (raemz) smiles “thank you Mistress”.

Henrius”’SunLaLuna”’ (bobbyjoexx): safe paths to all.

ღ Ťαɾα ‘Ŧσχу’ Ŵαđє ღ (tara1965): you love the sights male .

Lily (talondyr) smiled at Henrius “That is a good thing Master!” Grins wide.

Henrius”’SunLaLuna”’ (bobbyjoexx): wipes for head ”all that heat in one place a man could lose his mind just looking.

ღ Ťαɾα ‘Ŧσχу’ Ŵαđє ღ (tara1965): me gets up and smiles at henrius and jiggles her breasts at him.

bodi (bodicapagan): “Ava are you renting out coin girls , over hear the the mention of them , winks to lily.

Ava Delaney (avadelaney): well….perhaps bodi smiles.

Tala (tallaniel): “Are we gonna stay here for long, mistress?” Asks with curiosity.
Lily (talondyr) looks down with a smile at Bodi’s comment, my face blushing slightly but I remained quiet and listned to the free speaking of places I knew, and visited many times.

Lure (luria.irelund) looks to tala,”Are you speaking to me tala i have not forgotten you wished to speak to me but Adel is a very very old friend from a tribe.

bodi (bodicapagan): may be we find you some slaves to rent out , laughs, there are always willing women around , looks to the other huntress.

Ava Delaney (avadelaney): well the two rooms at the back will be for cistomers bodi : upstairs.

Adelinyth Fisseux grins glancing down to the thrall :lu’re pet or tavern’s one?
Tala (tallaniel): “As… as you wish, Mistress.”

bodi (bodicapagan): hmmm i take a look , call to belle ” lets take a look sis ”
Remy (raemz) smiles “tribe thrall, Mistress”

Belle (easyannabelle) whispers: “Good idea, I’d like to see”.

Lure (luria.irelund) scratches the side of her face,”Well not mine the camps he is new but wishes to please a Mistress at the moment i have to handle with starting the camp and have my own slave so I do not have much time

Lily (talondyr) motions to Bodi “The stairs are out the back Mistress”.

bodi (bodicapagan): ahhh thanks was looking.

Ava Delaney (avadelaney) calls after bodi “the rooms aren’t free!”

Door mesh: EasyAnnabelle Resident is at the door.

Ava Delaney (avadelaney): You can pay me later!

bodi (bodicapagan): shouts down how much by the ehn Ava.

Belle (easyannabelle) chuckles “Fireplace and a fur, what else ya need”: “HEHE”

Adelinyth Fisseux chuckles and moves the foot between the males tights,pushing to a bit to lead him spreading them, than takes a peek at his equipment: it…i’m glad to notice you fine.I’m often wandering around the continent these weeks
bodi (bodicapagan): hahaha: maybe food and drink.

Lily (talondyr): “Depends on how much you wet the fur and how long it takes me to clean up the blood and arousal fluids afterwards, for you likely a gold!”

Lure (luria.irelund) rising up on tanned legs slipping from the table jugging the last of the paga wiping the any moisture from, her lips with the back of her hand,”I am going back to camp for awhile but you are welcome to join us adel Remy you may stay or come as you please…..”*looks to tala her voices lower to a soothing whisper,”Come tala”*steps out and exits the taven stopping to turn back,”Thank you Ava for you hospitality as usually I wish you much successful.

ღ Ťαɾα ‘Ŧσχу’ Ŵαđє ღ (tara1965): he is well equipped huh huntress.

Remy (raemz) smiles and spread thighs so she can see it clear and explore.

bodi (bodicapagan): whispers to belle maybe we catch a panther from that tribe points, and sell her for coin.

Belle (easyannabelle) smiles back at Bodi whispering softly “Yea, that would be a way to make some coin”.

Adelinyth Fisseux moves the foot a further close and rubs the toes against it , to feel him: well..let’s check….*chuckles* nothing wrong if i..*glancing tara*.

bodi (bodicapagan): seem comfy sis , try s the fur, aiii we keep eye out for a lone one and , snap grins.

Door mesh: BodicaPagan Resident is at the door..

Ava Delaney (avadelaney): thank you Lure.

Remy (raemz) feels her foot on my bulge and feels some sensation in his muscular body and start reacting over it.

Remy (raemz) looking in beautiful Mistress shiny eyes as she moving foot on his manhood.

Adelinyth Fisseux licks her lips slowly as she keeps rubbing..getting looking like having fun teasing the boy: well the huntress was not lying about it…*chuckles* you’re allowed even serving…someone not in the tribe?*raises an eyebrow*.

Ava Delaney (avadelaney): you ok there bodi?

bodi (bodicapagan): aiii aii day dreaming.

Adelinyth Fisseux: well..maybe better leading upstairs then…lead the way thrall…
Lily (talondyr) watched the Mistress toying with the thrall peeling between his legs as she moved his manhood about in a teasing caress. “The rooms are up the back stairs Mistress”.

Remy (raemz): yes Mistress.

Lily (talondyr): “I will show you if you will follow me beautiful Mistress”.

Adelinyth Fisseux: thanks girl…*smiles and walks after the kajira*.

bodi (bodicapagan): laughs loud maybe we all join in lily.

Lily (talondyr) smiles “This fur is all fresh and cleaned by my hands Mistress, if you need anything just holler down, I will be happy to attend you”.

Belle (easyannabelle) chuckles “Well sounds like someone is going to have some fun”.

bodi (bodicapagan): hahaha yes.

Adelinyth Fisseux grins as she takes a glance around the room , staring at the fur rug in the middle. than starts removing the weapons from her back: sure..thank you can even take a peek here if you like…*chuckles and with a slow moves slips off the leather strings forming her skirt*.

Lily (talondyr) smiled, letting my eyes follow the skirt as it slipped free. I bit my lip and turned towards the door. “Thank you Mistress, it will be my pleasure to look upon your beauty”.

bodi (bodicapagan): i wonder if Ava got that red lamp out of storage, she will need it soon.

Remy (raemz) eyes on her beauty as she removing skirt.

Adelinyth Fisseux smiles and lowers down, laying on the rug, , than slips a fingertip between her ascheecks, knuckling a little and glancing back to the kajirus:mm..i don’t drink slave wine…by far wiser if you take me this way….

Remy (raemz) “yes Mistress, crawl to rug.

Belle (easyannabelle) smiles as she sees the girl step into the dance pit, then steps over and sits down to watch.

Adelinyth Fisseux closes both the eyes and arches the back, moving the bottom up and backward, pushing the face on the the idea?

bodi (bodicapagan): watch lily dance and join her sis to enjoy the show.

Remy (raemz) moans and pushing his hard cock from behind and push deeper moans “this idea is hot Mistress”.

Lily (talondyr) smiles at Belle as she comes over to the dance pits. My hands slowly moving over my body, and exploration as I press from foot to foot in the sands, feeling my soft warmth and the sheen of sexual sweat.

Ava Delaney (avadelaney): I was thinking the very same thing bodi though as you said earlier about coin sluts, I don’t think I need to provide them, just the rooms.

Adelinyth Fisseux closes firmly her eyes..moaning loudly as she feels some pain as her anus get stretched once you pound her:mm..not sure many huntresses allow you..taking them this way…

Lily (talondyr) rotates so the Mistresses would watch the firelight reflecting off the soft curves of my body, writhing in dance before them. I winked to Bodi as she took a seat my eyes obviously staring at their curves as I turned.

Remy (raemz) pushes deeper using little force, holding her shoulder and hitting deeper “yes Mistress you are so hot”.

Ava Delaney (avadelaney) wanders over and take a seat by the dance pit to watch her girl dance.

Adelinyth Fisseux feels some spasms as the cock fills deeper inside her ass , than shiver breathing hardly and looking like having a hard time:mm….go on…..still hurting..but starts to be pleasant.

Remy (raemz) holds her waist tight in my arms and make her half lay on rug and pushing harder and faster, looking in her shiny beautiful eyes which shows the pain of pleasure.

Lily (talondyr) moved my ass in a naughty rotation, pressing my ass out before spinning on the balls of my feet, feeling the radiant heat of the hearth fires but the quickening of my pulse was from the eyes of the free upon my naked flesh.
Adelinyth Fisseux closes the eyes and has a further moans…hardening and softening the bottom alternately as she feels the sensation mixing….:you’re doing good..

Belle (easyannabelle) looks up grinning as she hears the floor above them creaking.

Adelinyth Fisseux rolls over, laying on her tummy, than raises the calfs , turning back herface to glance the male:mm..very nice..on the’re the one in charge…

Lily (talondyr) moved my hands down my belly, fingertips pressing to my flesh, moving slowly over my bare mound and feelng my petals, listening to the sounds of sex, feeling the wetness pooling from my own arousal as I danced.

bodi (bodicapagan): is happy watching the dance in a haze with the cold paga
Remy (raemz) pumping harder from behind, placing full weight of his muscular body over her and it generates loud patting sound over and the wooden roof adding its own sound.

Ava Delaney (avadelaney) whispers to bodi “I think Lily is going to have to change that sand…”

Adelinyth Fisseux spreads the lips..feeling the pleasure growing inside her.than raises the chin to moan loudly before shivering as she reaches out the climax:mmm..just a little more..

Remy (raemz) moans whisper over her ear “Mistress, this wooden floor making too much noise”.

Ava Delaney (avadelaney) smiles broadly watching lily adoringly.

bodi (bodicapagan) looks up as the noise gets louder from upstairs.

Lily (talondyr) lowered myself onto the hot sands, extending one leg up high in the air, feeling the muscles of my ass and legs strain as it straightened. Each movement fluid and smooth, my petals parting to expose the arousal I felt showing myself fully to my owner and guests.

Belle (easyannabelle) feels dust falling into her hair from the creaking boards above. Shakes her head and brushes her hair to get it out.

Adelinyth Fisseux grins as she gets pulled over a rag doll and starts moving the pelvis forth and back..following your moves:mm..who cares..
bodi (bodicapagan) feels heat rise as she watch lily dancing wiggles a bit on the cushion
Remy (raemz) holds her thighs so tight and pushing harder from behind and sound getting louder and louder.

Lily (talondyr) turned upon the sands, my breasts and belly feeling the warmth, lifting to my hands and kneels like an animal in heat and arching my back to present my ass perfectly. I began a slow predatory crawl around the edge of the pit. You would see the fire im y eyes, the need in my body as I met each gaze in turn.

Adelinyth Fisseux bites her lower hold her moans..realizing for sure everyone on the ground floor must be able to listen to them….than curls the toes and shiver again for pleasure…
Remy (raemz) let her sit on him and bounce hard, holds her both hands in mine and removes her top to explore her breast.

Lily (talondyr) sat on the sand, parting my legs wider and slipping a single finger between my folds, lightly trailing the wetness from my opening upwards over my exposed pearl, closing my eyes at the sensation of being so publicly aroused.

Adelinyth Fisseux moans again..feelig your hard touch over her firm breasts…enjoying your mannish hands over her smooth skin..getting squeezed and fucked the same time..
Ava Delaney (avadelaney) smiles proudly at Lily’s sensual dancing.

Remy (raemz) squeeze her breast harder and moving his butts faster along with her bouncing to give her deep hitting.

Belle (easyannabelle): Sitting there watching the girl dance, listening to the sounds above them, finds herself feeling hot and flush all over.

bodi (bodicapagan): chokes on her paga as she see lily finger , coughs loudly, loosen my top as im so hot and bothered.

Lily (talondyr) leaned slightly forward smiling to my beautiful Mistress, sucking on my wet finger and pushing my long blonde hair back over my shoulder to fully expose my breasts, my back arching and my hair hanging over my back as I tossed my head back.

Adelinyth Fisseux arches the back…shattered by the third orghasm and ..hardening the nipples under your touch as she fastens up the breath again..
Lily (talondyr) looked to Bodi, and elder of the old tribe “How are your relations with your new neighbours Mistress?

Remy (raemz) hitting deeper and more harder as feels her juice flowing over her thighs, squezzes her breast and pull nipples in fingers.

bodi (bodicapagan): still trying not to choke, gasps out , ermm not had much to do with them, they look like a load of… ermm …. watching lily forgets what she was saying.

Lily (talondyr) moved to my knees, spreading my legs wider, feeling the stretch deep in my inner tendons and muscles, fully exposed before you all, moving my hips in a small rotation to stretch tight flesh and muscles.

Remy (raemz) moans loud and screams in joy and hitting more harder and he feels reaching to climax.

Ava Delaney (avadelaney) giggles at the sight of bodi so flustered You ok there sis?

Adelinyth Fisseux still moving up and down..deacreases the rythm as she looks like getting tired of such a pleasnt fatigue..glancing back to him as she feels his moves getting irregular ,getting filled of his warm seed inside her inner folders..
bodi (bodicapagan): sweat breaking out on my face, takes a big swig and finish the paga

Ava Delaney (avadelaney) takes a bottle of paga off the nearest table and tops up bodi’s bowl      .

Lily (talondyr) leaned back between my bent legs, pushing my pelvis high towards the three moons of Gor, begging for the touch of the free upon my tender flesh, my clit throbbing to be taken, the dance reflective of my need. Knowing at the slightest touch my body would fall to a powerful orgasm.
Remy (raemz): mmmmm….aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh Mistresssssssssss.. soon this boy will cum…. hitting more harder.

bodi (bodicapagan) turns to her sis , ” did i tell you a cub first job is to bed a slave.

Ava Delaney (avadelaney): no, I didn’t know that…

Belle (easyannabelle) glances over to her right “Oh Really?”

Ava Delaney (avadelaney) props up on her knees and beckons lily in her direction.

bodi (bodicapagan): yeps is true , would i tell a fib , looks back to Ava.

Ava Delaney (avadelaney): on a subject like that…maybe?

Lily (talondyr) giggled and crawled forward onto my Mistress’s lap, purring like a baby larl.

Ava Delaney (avadelaney) ever so gently strokes lily’s skin, releasing the evident pent up tension in the girl’s body.

bodi (bodicapagan) breathes easer as the dancing stops, hearing the noise from upstairs waiting for ………
Lily (talondyr) felt the wave of arousal following the point of contact of my owners loving hand.

Adelinyth Fisseux spreads the lips surprised as she notices the male still up and pounding even after releasing…lays exhausted on the floor..allowing him to keep working hard on her….suddenly feels again the warmth of another orgasm crossing her body and moans loudly for some long moments…

Remy (raemz): mmmmm…. cumingggggggggggggg: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Ava Delaney (avadelaney) kisses lily deeply and gestures her back to the dance pit “go tease sis bodi some more”.

Adelinyth Fisseux: well done boy…*chuckles* better if you keep some for hour next meeting anyway…*chuckles again loudly*

bodi (bodicapagan): lets out a breath feels the tension lesson and hears the loud moan from up stairs.

Remy (raemz) smiles and empty balls inside her and lay exhausted there in her arms
Belle (easyannabelle) stands up and decides to step outside for a breath of fresh air.

Lure (luria.irelund) smiles at tara.

bodi (bodicapagan): see her sister go out side and join her.

Adelinyth Fisseux: good then..*pets the male on the head and smiles* maybe i’ll have a little nap…you can stay sleeping or..well going back to the camp..i have to thank me lure for this relaxing time then..*giggles*

Ava Delaney (avadelaney): going so soon bodi?

Belinha ”’SunLaLuna”’ (belinha5114): estava escondida esperando meu dono.

Belinha ”’SunLaLuna”’ (belinha5114): I was hiding, waiting for my owner.

Ava Delaney (avadelaney) giggles.

bodi (bodicapagan): following the cub to keep her out of trouble ava

Belle (easyannabelle): NOt gonna watch any more dancing Sis?: I’m just stretching my legs a little.

bodi (bodicapagan): phew i do not think my nerves will stand it sis.

Ava Delaney (avadelaney): it’s fun watching you get flustered.

bodi (bodicapagan): grins see a huntress from far and narrows my eyes to see who it is.

Ava Delaney (avadelaney): who do you see bodi?

Xii Zaurak waves to bodi and others.

Ava Delaney (avadelaney) smiles at lily.

bodi (bodicapagan): ahhhh is that huntress with blonde hair, i been trying to collar her.

Lily (talondyr) crawled reluctantly back to the pits and moved my hands between my legs to tease.

bodi (bodicapagan): and put on my chain.

Xii Zaurak: without success as always.

Lily (talondyr) smiled up at Primrose “Welcome back Mistress”.

bodi (bodicapagan) curls a finger to beckon her forward “come little girl let me buy you a paga”.

Ava Delaney (avadelaney): lily, it appears your dancing has been too much for bodi.
Xii Zaurak: ” awww trying to get me drunk and try another time?” shakes head.

Primrose Flower Eversong Wade (primroseeversong): Morning

Lily (talondyr) smiled and looked adoringly at my owner “I am happy my body is found pleasing to the free my MIstress”

Remy (raemz): tal Mistress Lure.

bodi (bodicapagan): whispers to her sis belle , if you see her try to catch her , i been trying to catch her sis.

Belle (easyannabelle) grins.

Remy (raemz): tal Mistress Tara.

Remy (raemz): tal Mistress Belle and xii.

Xii Zaurak roll eyes , as cant listen what bodi says , is not difficult to imagine ” told you few times bodi, one to one , we can try when you likes ” chuckles.

bodi (bodicapagan) watch the trall leave the tavern with not even a ruffle hair on his head.

Ava Delaney (avadelaney): perhaps I should not have sent you back to the pit Lily, since bodi has ran out so she can’t be pleasantly tormented, come sit with me.

Remy (raemz) manage his hair and wipe sweat.

Lure (luria.irelund) rests her red braids in the cup of both hands a growing ache throbbing in her head, uttering a reply,”Tal remy…maybe too much paga .

Remy (raemz) smiles.

Lily (talondyr) crawls back to my place and rested my cheek upon your shoulder “As you wish my Mistress”  .

Ava Delaney (avadelaney) sraps an arm around her Lily’s shoulders affectionately “you have done well today”.


With this role play there were 15 people on the land , so yes its not BtB and yes not para rp, but 15 people had fun interacted with each other, and yes had roleplay in Gor

if you disagree and think it should be BtB or para rp send us some rp for us to see
have fun

Bodi (Bodica Pagan)

Three Moons Valley Isle / Elation  – Land of the Shekinah Arani Tribe and Tiri Torius Panthers


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