On cheating

• Cheating becomes more and more a habit in Gor. It shows that some people find it more important to win a fight than to roleplay in Gor. Of course this will destroy Gor on second life. So it is important to fight cheating agressively. The are many ways to cheat like avi displacement,  speed enhancers,  aimbots, manipulating the GM scripts and so on.  Cheating huds are available on sl market and scripts for cheating are exchanged in fighting groups. But the good news is that many cheats can be detected like with a product that you can buy for 10L on SL marketplace.

•  AWDetector is a HUD, which combines a lot functions for catching people, who use the Gorean Meter to cheat in combat. This detector not only detects the cheating, but also gives you proof of it in local chat.

•  This HUD has the following features:

* A speed enhancer detector – when another avatar is wearing a speed enhancer, making them move faster then regular avatars during running or walking, you will receive a message in local chat. The report in local chat displays the name of the avatar, their speed and the legal speed for running.

* A cheat detector – this feature enables you to see if another avatar is using an unknown weapon or HUD which communicates with the GM meter. The cheat detector shows a report in local chat, showing the name of the avatar, the type of weapon, the type of hit and the name and UUID of the creator. NOTE: all known and allowed weapon makers for the GM meter are included in the HUD and will not give a report.

* Who hit me – this feature allows you to see who hit you with a weapon that works with the GM meter. The report in local chat gives you the name of the avatar, the type of hit, type of weapon, name and UUID of the weapons maker. NOTE: during combat this feature may cause lag, due to the many hits you might receive.

* Who wears a fake GM meter – this feature shows you if an avatar is wearing a fake GM meter. It gives the name of the avatar who uses it and the name of the creator of the illegal meter.


Thanks to Pavell Cloves and Emma Morales

If you know more products that can detect cheats, please let me know or mention it in a comment.

Mariko Marchant

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