Ava in Gor

• I never originally intended to become too involved with Gor in SL. The little of the books I had read made it unappealing, I was oblivious to the existence of GE(Gor Evolved) roleplay. So when an SL newbie friend I’d known for just a few weeks, invited me to her panther tribes camp, I was quite apprehensive.

• She took me to the (Sha Kar Arani) camp and I was welcomed by the members there, although the bristling weapons were a little unnerving! I was invited to join the tribe as a cub and with a little trepidation and encouragement from my friend I accepted.

• So for a while I hung out at the camp intermittently, but not spending a great deal of time there, it hadn’t grabbed my interest, or as it turns out I just hadn’t found the right character role.

• It was a few months later that the En (leader) of the tribe, seeing I was a little lost, suggested I take over the running of the tavern. I jumped at the chance to try something new and it seems to have been just what I needed. The tavern being a roleplay-only area meant I was able to enjoy the rp without fear of being shot at all the time. I soon settled into the role, setting some house rules (for customers and sister panthers alike! ) and was loaned some willing girls to act as servers, which allowed me to focus on rping with customers and tribe sisters that visit.

• A couple of months went by after taking the position the En and Tor came by and said they had a gift for me. The En gave me a Huna feather, making me full member of the tribe, not for the usual reason however. Normally a cub is made a panther after demonstrating skill in combat or such like during a raid, which in my role as tavern keeper I didn’t participate. I was bestowed the feather for showing dedication and enhancing the general rp experience for everyone. It deeply warmed my heart, I had not expected it, I had just taken on the role with sincerity and enthusiasm. For the most important of reason in SL, it was fun!

Ava (AvaDelaney)

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