My Story

• Well I was brought up in a very strict home. My mother, a scribe, taught me the elements of that craft at home so I can read and write well. We prayed to the Priest Kings three times a day as a family should, and did the sacrificial ceremony three times a week. I had only two friends, the girl next door who was not quite right in her head, and one across the street who was a good companion, very religions, and who wanted to become an acolyte to the priest Kings and probably is one by now.

• My Father then had to go on a long trip and unfortunately never came back. Word came to us eventually that he had been killed by Bandits. We grieved mightily. My Mother in time met a fine gentleman with whom she became very friendly, and eventually he moved in with us. He seemed very interested in me, which seemed to bother Mother – I really don’t know why.

• Mother decided that it was time for me to learn a bit of the world, and she introduced me to one of her scribe friends who needed an assistant to keep notes and maintain papers — for which I was trained. This very fine man was Henrick, who became my close friend and mentor. After some discussions with my Mother in private, she told me that agreement had been reached and I would be hired to accompany him as his clerk. I was very pleased, because to be honest my mother and I did not get along too well — she always called me an ugly stupid child. It was not till I left home that people said I was very comely and some men even called me a raving beauty, which was nice to hear, made blush, and I really never believed.

• Henrick traveled among Gor cities by tarn selling scribe supplies, rare scrolls, and some other things as well I guess. To be honest, I’m not to sure where he got the scrolls — but he said were very rare and valuable, and he was always had plenty to sell as we traveled on.
When I was hired by him, we discussed how we might best travel. He pointed out that if I went as the free woman I was, I would always have to stay alone in a room at an Inn, and one knows that is not safe, or in the visitor’s room at the empty Scribes building in the city — and he said that was even less safe, and because of customs, would be unable to join him in the evening for work on our reports and accounts.

• He suggested that I pretend to be a slave, and that would simplify things — and I reluctantly agreed. He said it was a difficult role to play, but was sure I could perform it well. He then spent some days teaching me how to behave as a slave, serve, comport myself. He also taught me how to get together with the different city’s slaves and get information out of them which would be useful. I was to say how wonderful the last city we were in was protected by brave warriors and guards, so that the girls here would then boast of their own warriors and protection. We wrote all this information into a report to sell it in the next city we visited.

• He told me that most cities were very fussy about visitors bringing in disease, and to prevent trouble I needed a certificate of good health. He had me most exhaustively and quite thoroughly examined by a Lady Physician to make sure I was healthy enough for the trip. I had to undress for her as one does for physicians which embarrassed me no end, and she checked me most completely –teeth, eyes, ears, heart — even wanted to know if I could pee well and then inserted her fingers down there to check if there was a problem — I was mortified, but she seemed satisfied with what she found, and noted it on a special form.

• She asked me about my periods and I told her that sometimes I had severe cramps. She was sympathetic and said she could help me there, took out a bottle of foul smelling liquid, filled a glass with it, and had me drink the horrible tasting stuff. She smiled and said I would have no more problems with periods now, and gave me a candy to get the taste out of my mouth.

• You have no idea how many measurements that woman took and wrote down — weight, length of legs and arms, chest circumference, neck size, size of my ear lobes, width and length of fingers and toes, width of heels, distance between nostrils, and even brought out some numbered cold copper forms to see which ones my breasts fit into. It was endless and to this day I don’t know why that was necessary as part of a health exam, but when I asked she just shushed me. Then she wrote everything on some forms and signed and sealed them — very official looking.

• With those in hand, Henrick then got some other documents from the city with lots of signatures on them — even my Mother’s surprisingly — which he said were necessary if my little act with him were ever questioned. I had to put my two thumb prints on everything — took days before I got the stain off my fingers. Then he said he would pay for everything on our trip since it was business expense, and I really didn’t need money, so he would give all my advance wages to my Mother for safe keeping till I returned — and she seemed quite pleased with that hefty little bag of coins he gave her, and she gave me a quick goodbye and left.

• Then Henrick took me shopping for clothes, and he wanted to buy me a Camisk which I refused to put on because it was so revealing. I am very shy, and in our home we always dressed in long gowns as becomes a free woman, and I was taught to dress and undress always behind a screen. Showing any skin was severely frowned upon as the priest kings decreed, and after age seven Mother punished me with a switch even if I showed as much as an arm or leg, and after age ten I wore a veil all day. I don’t think Mother liked me very much, but she made sure that I honored the priest king’s commands. So having been properly brought up, I told him under no circumstances would I wear that Camisk.

• Well we compromised, he bought me a white skirt which ended above the knees and a blouse which left a bit of my neck and both my arms exposed. I still felt half naked, but if I were to pretend to be a slave, I would have to agree. The worst was that he said slaves were not permitted underclothes — the only fabric allowed was what showed to the world. I was horrified since the dress material was very thin so that even my nipples showed through — but when one plays a role one must do what it calls for. It took a while, but by now I have gotten used to it and I have to admit that it feels kind of nice when men look at you admiringly, and have nice things to say about your looks.

• He also got a pretty necklace for me and had his name and mine inscribed on it, which I thought was very sweet of him — but he said was really something part of slave’s normal dress. Because it was expensive and he was afraid I might loose it, so that it would not fall off he locked the closure in the back and put the key in his pouch. It was pretty, and I enjoyed wearing it since I was never allowed anything ornamental such as that ever before. If my mother had ever seen me wearing a lovely thing like that around my neck she would probably have punished me hard. He was glad that I was pleased with it, and promised that if I did my job real well, he would also buy me earrings later on.

• Well we left and started on the journey by Tarn. What a thrilling thing to ride the big bird and I really looked forward to all the adventures to come, especially with a friend as nice and considerate as Henrick. We touched down in a place called Thentis, and I was amazed how large the city was compared to our village. We stayed at an Inn — also a new experience for me. Of course I had to act the slave and put to good use all the serving things Henrick had taught me — not just for him but for all the men present, but I think I brought it off quite well. The kneeling thing kind of bothered me — it’s rough on the knees. Henrick showed me how I could rest back on my heels which made it easier, but insisted I spread my knees wide apart when only men were present, being quite firm with me on the matter. He also said in my slave acting role, it was not proper for me to use his name when others were present, and had me call him and all other men Master, and women Mistress. I slipped once and was reprimanded severely, and after that he said so that it would not happen again, I had better call him Master all the time, even in private.
• Well then there is the sex thing. In the second city we visited, at the Inn the slave mattress on the floor on which I had to sleep was so thin, and the blanket so light, that I was most uncomfortable and freezing and shivering. He took pity on me, and said that I could come to bed with him and get warm and I eagerly climbed in. He said I could get warmer faster if I took off the gown I was wearing, and since it was pitch black and he couldn’t see me naked, I agreed and took it off, and he pulled me toward him and I found that he was not wearing anything either which surprised me. I always thought everyone remained totally covered at night just like during the day. It felt very good to share the warmth of his body, and he put his arms around me and stroked me a bit and played with my nipples and it truly warmed me nicely. I decided to return the favor and stroke him a bit, but as I reached his groin I felt some strange growths there and asked him about it. Believe it, I had never seen a nude man before and had no idea that they were built different than I was. He was even more surprised, and told me that this had to with sex between a man and a woman, and while he seemed to somehow know that I had never had sex, he did not realize that I also knew absolutely nothing about it. He asked me if I wanted to learn, and I said of course. So he said it came in phases, and he would teach me phase one.

• He knew I loved honey more than anything, and had me get a jar from our travel pack. He took the honey and with a brush spread some on his little member, what he called his cock. Then he smiled and said I could lick up the honey, which I eagerly did, and what a surprise as to what happened next. That little bitty thing grew into a hard thick shaft longer than my two hands put together side by side. I licked it clean enjoying the honey. I wanted to lick the honey that had fallen on those balls bellow, but he said I could only do that when I got better at licking — but by the next night he relented allowed it.

• He then put a drop or two of honey on the very tip of his cock, and permitted me to put into my mouth. He said this was sex phase one that he would teach me. He showed me how to move my head back and forth, use my tongue and edge of my teeth carefully, and had me try to see how much of it I could get into my mouth. After a while he said for a beginners I was doing fairly well, and he would put some fluid in my mouth, but I was not allowed to swallow it. He said I would only be allowed to swallow it after I became more proficient. From that point on we worked at the lesson almost every night, and I’m proud to say that by the end of the week I was so good I was able to get almost his full cock into my mouth to the very back of my throat, and was allowed to swallow his fluid almost every time.

• He had a jar of a sweet smelling cream, had me put on gloves, and spread the cream over my breasts and between my legs. It burned a bit for a few minutes, and then tingled. But when he touched me there and stroked me and pinched my nipples, my skin was so sensitive to his touch that I almost jumped out of it, and strange things happened inside my body. I shook and tingled and had spasms and got all wet and sweaty still frankly don’t fully understand, but it felt wonderful. The following nights he had me use the cream again, but only after I did phase one to his cock with my mouth three or four times — not before, because somehow I always wanted to sleep after he did that to me with the special cream and his hands.

• He did explain to me that some men liked to put their cock into a woman in the cavity between her legs, for what reason I don’t know to this day, and I must be careful that would not happen to me. So he bought me a device like a belt and a lock and it covered me under there with a net like thing of metal, that I must wear all the time, except when we were alone together at night. He explained to me how to keep it clean and sanitary, and said many women wore such a thing –something I never knew.

• I was puzzled as to why this was so important, and he explained that he had great plans for me to help me make a new life for myself since there was really nothing left for me at home. Toward the end of our trip we would be visiting a city in the Tahari Desert ruled by a powerful wealthy Ubar that he knew personally, and for whom he had procured many quality goods in the past, and so was assured of a good welcome. Henrick then said the moment he laid eyes on me back in the Village he knew that this Ubar especially would more than appreciate meeting me, and felt sure that with my appearance and skills would find an absolutely suitable and appropriate use for me in his domain. But that these people had peculiar customs, so it would be best if I stayed what he called white silk, and to not be surprised if the I would have to undergo another medical there, He showed me how they do exams in that city by having me stand bare (oh I hate so being naked!), mouth slightly open, lips pursed in an o shape with my hands clasped tightly behind my neck, elbows back and breasts pushed out, legs apart – so they could make quick check that I did not have disease blotches on my skin — I guess that’s the way it’s normally done there — strange people — strange customs.

• I was really looking forward to visit and meeting the Ubar, since after all I’m quite skilled with pen and scroll you know, and I’m sure he would have appreciated that. Henrick was also looking forward to it and said that he expected it to be the most profitable part of our trip for him.

• But it was not to be. Three quarters through the trip my dear friend got very ill — he suspected poison from an angry client or competitor. They sent for his sister, she came and nursed him, but he died. His sister took me back with her. She said she didn’t care for slavery, gave me all those documents about me in a sealed package and said something confusing about that they had something to do with conveyances and title, to be careful with them, and it might be best to destroy them — which I did not do since they were about me and might come in handy one day. I would guess my health certificate would be there, and maybe also my Phase One Sex certificate of excellence also.

• There was really no welcome at home, and Mother said my wages had only been a few coppers, which my she reluctantly gave me before showing me the door.

• I met friend Nan and she invited me to her place where she lived in a house with two other girls. I told the girls my story and how sorry I was that we could not complete the trip and meet that Ubar, and they assured me that if I had met him, he would probably have given me an even more lovely necklace, bracelets, and ankle rings to go with it, and surely have me in a proper position within hours. They thought it amusing — I don’t know why.

• The girls had a conference and invited me to stay since I had no place to live. I gave them the few coppers I had gotten from Mother to pay my share. I had little else to show for my efforts except my necklace, and worried that I was imposing. They told me not to worry about it that they were sure that I would soon be paying my way and more.

• Nan thought I would have a lot more fun in Gor acting as a slave than as a free woman, especially since I had training — and of course if I didn’t like it, she said I could always quit. So the next morning she said I should try to act the part again, and had me take of all my clothes including my panties, and put on that skimpy white dress that I had worn on the trip. she said that unfortunately the dress was totally out of style for that town, took some sheers and cut a lot of the bottom of the skirt and then a slits right up to the waist on each side which she said made it look more appropriate. She had me kneel the way I did for men on the trip with my knees wide open, looked to see how the dress appeared from the front — then took off another two horts from the dress bottom.

• She said I must have gained a bit of weight because the blouse looked too tight, and proceeded to cut off all the buttons, looked at it and said that didn’t look right, and cut off strips where the buttons and button holes had been so that the blouse hung wide open with no way to pull it together, and I had to tuck it in real tight in my waistband so that at least part of my breasts were covered. I protested but she said that was the style these days.

• She put some coloring on my lips, and cheeks, brushed some stuff under my eyes and then much to my discomfort took some of that lip rouge, reached under what was left of that blouse, and colored my nipples which she said all the girls did nowadays. She sat me down in a chair, took out some kind of ink and colored my nails, then tossed my shoes aside, said they were no longer fit to wear and I would be better off barefoot, and did my toe nails. Next came some perfume which was quite strong, and some kind of oil in my hair to make it shine.

• Then she took me to a meeting place called the Hub, and amazingly we were fortunate and within minutes made your acquaintance Master.

You ask about the certificate of excellence — I’ll tell you.

• Well one night that I was performing Phase 1 sex for Master Henrick, he asked me if I would like to be recognized for my skills. I said of course -and he promised to arrange it.

• In the next city, I think it Was Turia, he informed me that their judging panel would be available that evening. We went to the main Tavern there, and in a back room that had been reserved there were four men that Henrick introduced as the city’s judges for phase 1 sex. I was to demonstrate my abilities on them one by one. First I had to serve them all paga which I’m good at also. Then it was my turn to begin, and I got onto my knees before the first judge who pulled up his kilt, and started on his member, but he stopped me almost at once saying the fabric of my blouse was irritating his thighs, and I should take it off. Well you know how I hate to be naked, but Henrick said the judges had the final word, and rather harshly commanded me to take it off. So I reluctantly did, but the ohhs and ahhs from the judges when they saw me partly naked somewhat alleviated my discomfort.

• Well I did judge one to the best of my ability and training, and was rewarded with a perfect score of ten! They made me take a drink of that paga to purify my mouth before starting on number two, and had me gargle with it which sort of made me swallow much of it. That stuff burns going down. I had to do that between each one.

• I did judges number two and three and got perfect scores again. By the time I got to number four I was kind of light headed and a bit dizzy from that paga, but I did my best. Unfortunately it was not good enough and the judge only gave me a nine. I was disheartened, so the judge took pity on me and said I could have a second chance, but as a penalty I would have to take off the my skirt also and be buck naked. Well to be honest –maybe it was the paga — but at that point I really didn’t care and quickly stripped, and made a fool of myself by dancing, preening and showing myself off to all them, having them touch me all over and giggling and laughing as if it was the funniest thing. Then I settled down and did judge four a second time and got that perfect score.

• Well Master Henrick had me kneel in the corner . Apparently he had made some bets, and he collected from them, very pleased, told me I had earned a Turian Certificate of Excellence – something of which I’m very proud..

• Yes Master — I miss Master Henrick very much. Master Henrick was a very kind man. He particularly loved children. My early evenings were usually occupied delivering bills of sale to clients around town in the company of a local slave that he hired, but before I left, he had me go out and bring back one of those poor little beggar children that seem to frequent every city square — mostly little boys. I had to prepare a tub of warm water, and after I left I guess he would bathe the child and feed it. They were always gone by the time I got back. Some of the kids apparently weren’t grateful — neighbors in the Inn complained of the noise they made, but everyone knows kids will yell and scream just for the fun of it. Yes — Master Henrick was a good and kind man, yes he was.

Tammy Ames

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